Uponor Joins Forces with Women in Plumbing & Piping to Champion Gender Equality in the Trades


In a move that underscores a growing commitment to gender diversity and inclusivity within the trades, Uponor, a global frontrunner in plumbing and heating solutions, has announced its sponsorship of Women in Plumbing & Piping (WiPP). This strategic alliance with the Aurora, Colorado-based organization, WiPP, marks a significant step forward in efforts to empower and uplift women in the traditionally male-dominated sectors of plumbing and piping. With this partnership, Uponor and WiPP are setting a new standard for leadership and opportunity in the construction trades, especially for women aiming to forge a path in these industries.

Empowering Women Through Collaboration

Uponor‘s alliance with WiPP isn’t just a financial endorsement; it’s a testament to the company’s deep-seated belief in fostering an inclusive environment that promotes the personal and professional growth of women. Anna Picchetti, Vice President of Marketing at Uponor North America, articulated the company’s enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its alignment with Uponor’s core values of mentorship, education, networking, and recognition. This collaboration is poised to open new doors for women in plumbing and piping, offering them unprecedented support and opportunities for advancement within these fields.

A New Era for the Trades

WiPP, which was founded in 2022 and operates out of suburban Denver, stands as a beacon for women in the plumbing and piping industries. By championing the importance of mentorship, educational opportunities, professional networking, and industry recognition, WiPP is spearheading a movement towards a more equitable and diverse trades environment. The organization’s commitment to showcasing the contributions of women and advancing the industry to new levels of excellence is now bolstered by Uponor’s sponsorship. This partnership not only highlights Uponor’s proactive approach to innovation but also solidifies its position among a select group of organizations actively working to advance the cause of women in these fields.

Looking Toward a Bright Future

The collaboration between Uponor and WiPP is a landmark moment in the ongoing effort to achieve gender equality within the plumbing and piping industries. By joining forces, these two entities are not only acknowledging the critical role women play in advancing these trades but are also actively working to dismantle the barriers that have historically limited their participation and recognition in these fields. As this partnership flourishes, it promises to inspire other companies and organizations to follow suit, potentially transforming the landscape of the construction trades for generations to come.