Top Tips For Maintaining Commercial Plumbing During Winter



Released March 27, 2023

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“As winter approaches, it’s important to ensure your commercial plumbing is in good condition. By following a few simple tips, you can keep your pipes warm and from freezing, ensuring your business stays up and running during the cold season.” At Texas Blessed, we know that critical to the success of your business is your maintaining commercial plumbing in good condition.”

Winter is a challenging time for commercial plumbing systems. Cold temperatures, snow and ice can cause problems like frozen pipes, leaks and other damage. To avoid costly repairs and ensure your business runs smoothly, it’s important to take the necessary steps to maintain your commercial plumbing during the winter. In this blog post, we share tips on how to keep your plumbing system in tip-top shape this winter, so you can avoid costly repairs and ensure your business runs smoothly all season long.

Insulate pipes

Insulating pipes is a common practice when maintaining your commercial plumbing in the winter. Insulate pipes to prevent water from freezing and prevent freezing temperatures from damaging pipes and other structures. Insulated tubing can be made from materials such as plastic, rubber, or foam. These materials provide insulation, prevent heat loss or gain, and can help prevent water from freezing.

While insulating pipes is good practice for winter maintenance on your plumbing, it is important to note that insulating pipes does not completely prevent damage from occurring. For example, if your plumbing system has a leak, there is a good chance that leaking water will freeze and damage your pipes and fixtures. It’s also important to note that insulating pipes may only be effective in some situations. Suppose your plumbing system relies on a certain amount of water (e.g. in a dishwasher). In this case, insulating pipes may not be effective in maintaining the proper functioning of the system.

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Keep the building warm

Maintaining your commercial plumbing in the winter can be challenging for many reasons including cold temperatures, snow and ice. However, there are several things you can do to maintain the temperature in your piping system and make it more efficient. One strategy is to use a de-icing solution on your drains and faucets to prevent icing.

Another is to make sure your water supply has enough pressure to push the system through efficiently. Consider investing in a heat pump or cooling unit to reduce your energy consumption and costs. Overall, winter maintenance of your plumbing system is essential to protect yourself from costly problems like frozen and burst pipes.

Maintain your heating system properly

Proper winter maintenance of your heating system can mean the difference between a cozy home and one that is too cold. To ensure proper function, it is important to ensure that all parts of your heating system are in good working order. This includes properly maintaining and cleaning the unit and being careful not to clutter it with unnecessary accessories or furniture. It’s also important to check for any potential leaks or problems before the first snowfall, as this will help you spot problems before they become serious. Proper maintenance of your heating system will ensure that you have warmth throughout the winter months, no matter where you live.

Clear gutters and downspouts

Downspouts and gutters are essential to maintaining proper drainage in your commercial plumbing system. These components help prevent clogged pipes, flooding, and other problems caused by dirt build-up. Downspouts are typically metal or plastic pipes that connect to your drains at street level. They can be installed in different shapes and sizes depending on the type and size of your building.

Gutters are similar to downspouts, but collect rainwater instead of channeling it into the ground. They can also be made of various materials such as stone, concrete or wood and have a channel or grate to allow sediment to settle before entering the storm sewer system. Both downspouts and gutters require regular maintenance during the winter months to ensure proper drainage and prevent clogs and leaks.

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Check for leaks

Leaks are common in many types of commercial plumbing systems, especially during the winter season. They can cause costly damage to a building’s structures and materials and pose a potential risk to public health and safety. To prevent these leaks from occurring, it is important to maintain proper maintenance and upkeep of your commercial plumbing system year-round. This includes ensuring that all connections between pipes, fittings and other components are properly connected and secured, and maintaining an adequate drainage system to remove excess water or dirt from your facility’s surfaces.

One way to prevent leaks during the winter months is to use quality winter protection products and additives in your plumbing system. These products can help strengthen the seals and joints between pipes, fittings and other components, making them less likely to leak or break in cold temperatures. It’s also important to look for signs of potential leaks through regular inspections of your plumbing system during the winter months.

Disconnect the outer hoses

Disconnecting outdoor hoses can be a useful way to protect against frost and prevent clogs in your commercial plumbing during the winter. However, it is important to exercise caution when disconnecting these hoses, as improper maintenance or damage to the hose can result in leaks or damage to your facility’s infrastructure.

It is also important to regularly inspect and maintain your outer tubes to ensure they are in good condition and ready for the season ahead. Winter maintenance of your commercial plumbing is essential to maintain efficient operations, reduce waste and reduce the risk of costly repairs.

Keep closets open

Maintaining your commercial plumbing during the winter season can be challenging for many reasons, including the fact that many buildings have limited access to electricity and other utilities. One way to help maintain your plumbing systems is to make sure you clean and disinfect your pipes and drains regularly. This prevents buildup of debris and bacteria that can cause harmful clogs and leaks.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you have your fixtures and fittings properly installed and maintained, including properly working valves and faucets. It may also be helpful to turn off the water supply during prolonged periods of heavy snow or ice accumulation. Finally, it is important to regularly check your systems for signs of wear (e.g. leaks) using tools such as pressure and hydrant testers.

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Hire a professional plumber

Plumbing is essential to maintaining sanitation in commercial buildings, but it can be challenging in the winter. One of the most important things you need to do is hire a professional plumber to service your plumbing system. They have the expertise and tools needed to diagnose problems and properly perform repairs or upgrades. They can also advise you on the best maintenance and protection strategies for your plumbing system, such as: B. regularly clearing leaves and debris, installing heaters and de-icers, and maintaining an adequate supply of fresh water.

Winter maintenance of your commercial plumbing requires planning and preparing for potential challenges. It’s important to have a backup plan in case of emergencies. And of course it’s always a good idea to check your water pressure and be careful when using hot water. Overall, winter maintenance of your commercial plumbing system is essential to ensure your building is operating at its peak performance.

Final Thoughts

As winter approaches, it’s important to ensure your commercial plumbing is in good working order. With a few simple tips, you can keep your pipes warm and protected from frost to keep your business running during the cold season.

At Texas Blessed Plumbing, we know that keeping your commercial plumbing in good working order is critical to the success of your business. We offer a wide range of services tailored to help you keep your pipes warm and operational during the winter, from maintenance and installation to repair and replacement. Contact us today for more information about our services or to schedule an appointment!

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