San Fernando Valley family out $60K after plumbing work truck stolen, stripped


Thieves steal plumber’s truck in Paramount

The Galarza family said they were devastated after thieves stole their family’s plumbing company truck. Israel Galarza said he saved 20 years to start the company. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment was taken away.

A San Fernando Valley family loses more than $60,000 after a group of people stole their work truck and tools Tuesday morning.

The incident happened while Galarza was plumbing at a client’s home in Paramount. While Israel Galarza and one of his helpers were working, a group broke into their truck, switched on the electricity and drove away. The theft was captured on home surveillance video.

Israel Galarza told FOX 11 that he has been a plumber for more than 20 years and has worked hard to save up money to start his own small business. It’s a plumbing company that does just one truck, one man, and one job at a time.

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“For this to happen to us is just heartbreaking. It’s tough because it’s our livelihood,” Israel said.

His wife, Jasmine Galarza, said the family is raising money to help offset some losses through their GoFundMe campaign.

“We don’t like to ask for help. We really don’t, but we really are in such great need. I don’t think the people who did this realize the magnitude of what they did to a small family.” “We’re not a huge company. We are a one truck company. We’re a mother and father with kids and this is a big setback for us,” Jasmine said.

The family said they label their equipment and tools “Galarza Tools” or “IG” (Israel Galarza) and ask the public to contact authorities if their tools are spotted anywhere.

The authorities seized the truck, but all the equipment was stolen and the truck was also badly damaged.