New takeout in the works at former Allan Sooley Plumbing location near Mundy Pond



ST. JOHN’S, NL – St. John’s City Council voted on Monday 8 May on a new restaurant/takeaway on Blackler Avenue.

The proposed company is located on the former site of Allan Sooley Plumbing, which has existed in the St. John’s metropolitan area for over 60 years.

The council voted on a motion for non-compliant use of the property, which is in a residential area. According to the decision note on the council’s agenda, employees had concerns about the existing on-site parking, which does not meet the city’s visibility requirements and poses a potential safety issue. The staff recommended submitting and approving a site plan as a condition of the building permit to solve the parking problem.

The Council received three public comments on the proposal, two of which opposed it. Both raised concerns about traffic and one said they opposed a company that “produces junk”.

Both mentioned traffic from the nearby Twin Rinks, and one also mentioned the town depot and the new HGR Mews Community Centre. The other entry said it would be nice to have a takeaway in the area and they fully supported that.

count. Jamie Korab, who filed the motion, told the city council that city officials had no concerns about intensifying traffic because of the deal.

Korab told SaltWire after the meeting that he supported the proposal because they hadn’t really heard much feedback from residents opposed to the deal and the area was already a mix of many different types of developments.

“The zoning allows it, it’s discretionary use,” he said. “If it was a rezoning application or needed rezoning, that would be a different story, but it’s allowed in the area.

“Along there, if you look at the area as a whole, there are schools, places where religious ceremonies take place, Twin Rinks, the new Mews Centre, the municipal depot. It’s a residential area, but there’s quite a mix of different businesses there.”

If the site plan is approved by the council, the restaurant/snack bar will be open 7 days a week from 3pm to 10pm.

Supporters could not be reached for comment.