Dead Island 2: Plumbing the Depths Walkthrough


Explore the depths is the 19th main story quest of dead island 2, and it’s a bit confusing. At first glance it seems simple, one of the Serling Hotel survivors named Bob disappeared while trying to turn the water back on, so it’s up to the player to find him and finish the job.

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But figuring out where to go, how to progress through the quest, and where to find Bob is a bit more complicated than it first seems. Granted, this is a main story quest of Dead Island 2, so unlike side quests, players have to complete it at some point. But it still helps to know exactly where to go and know exactly what to do.


Find the janitor’s office and determine Bob’s whereabouts

First things first, players must actually grab this quest denisethe guardian of the entrance to Serling Hotel security zone. She will mention that the water is off and that the janitor they sent down to fix it bobShe hasn’t come for a long time. So from here the players have to go to the bottom floor of the Lotusville Shopping Center that is related to that Serling Hotel and look for them jeweler with the half-closed entrance gate. To be a bit clearer, it’s the shop directly to the left of the ‘Safe’ sign pointing up the stairs to the right. Crouch/slide under the gate and go into the back room connected to the maintenance corridors for both the hotel and the mall.

Turn right, walk straight a few steps, then go through the door immediately left (while ducking under the tripwire). Here are a few objects that players must grab before the question “Where the hell has Bob gone?” pops up. Goal achieved 100 percent:

  1. Grab the document on the table right in front AKA the Note to Bob.
  2. Climb the vending machines on the right side of the room, then look at the pipes in the ceiling to see them Janitor safe code.
  3. Take the code and use it to unlock the Caretaker’s safe in the back right corner of the room and take it plumbing scheme.

From here the players have to go towards boiler room in the basement of parking garage for the Lotusville Shopping Center.

Explore the parking garage and kill them all

Dead Island 2 - Plumbing The Depths - Heading to the parking garage to get to the boiler room

Dead Island 2 - Plumbing The Depths - Clear out the zombies around the Boiler Room

After receiving the plumbing schemehead from the caretaker office, turn left and follow this corridor until the player goes down some stairs and stands in front of a door that can be opened, with a big “A” on the wall to the left of the door. Open the door to get inside parking garage. From here, players can then follow the garage up to interact with them security keyboard to open the gate so they have an exit later, or they can go down and use another one security keyboard opening the gate that blocks their way and worrying about finding an exit afterwards.

Follow the winding path down to the next level parking garage, and players should encounter a large open space with a plume of flame coming out of a pipe on the rightmost pillar. Proceed further into this room and the quest objective should change to “Kill them all!” and that’s what players need to do. Groups of zombies will slowly appear next to the group already in the room, and players must eliminate them all.

Most of these are basic runner, shufflerAnd walker (of all kinds, of course), but there is one screamer Apex Zombie also got involved. After eliminating a whole bunch of zombies here, the objective changes to “Bob?” and players will want to go to the only door in this area, which is the boiler room. Additionally the Scream ability skill card should also be unlocked for all players as soon as they kill the last zombie.

Kill Bob and turn on the water

Dead Island 2 - Plumbing The Depths - Open the door to find Bob

Dead Island 2 - Plumbing The Depths - Turn the water back on

Unfortunately, as with most of these quests where the player hunts down survivors in the “hope” they are still alive, Unfortunately, Bob is already a zombie and will hold the player as soon as he opens the boiler room Door. Bob is a named variant of a Shocking walker, but he’s not hard to maintain at all. After killing bob and if only briefly mourning its victim, players will then want to interact with it Hookah Lever on the blue pipe to their right and hold enter until it exits. After that just go back to Serling Hotel by going upstairs parking garage drives out onto the street, turns right and walks straight to the Serling Hotel Building can be seen on the right.

Go back into the mall and climb back to the hotel Break the bad news of Bob’s death to Denise. Thereafter, denise will mention that dr reed is back, and players must interact with his door and complete the entire cutscene before the quest is officially “over”.

Plumbing The Depths quest rewards

Dead Island 2 – Plumbing The Depths – Story Quest Complete pop-up.

After talking to dr reed and advance the plan by preparing to go CDC Headquarters near the Santa Monica Pier, the message “Story Quest Complete” will appear. As a reward there is this story quest 4,000 EXP as well as CDC HQ security pass (required for the next story quest) and the Swift-footed ability cardthat is a Autophage Ability that gives the drop kick The ability to Ignite Zombies on contact.

dead island 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series XS.