Woman Sticks Towel Into Dishwasher for Drying Hack but Appliance Repair Techs Say “No”

Woman Sticks Towel Into Dishwasher for Drying Hack but Appliance Repair Techs Say “No”

Whose dishes are still wet when they run their dishwasher? Because mine always are.

At first, I was excited to learn about this interesting dishwasher hack that caught my editor’s attention – @laylaypearle’s use of a dish towel.

I’m always eager to explore DIY shortcuts, especially when they gain widespread attention. Laylay shared this August 20 – just yesterday – and it’s already gone viral.

But then I dove into the comments, and surprise surprise, folks were worried about this hack. To be fair, Laylay learned this on TikTok, and she’s not an applicance repair tech. She’s a regular homeowner. 

Stuck with dishes that were clean but still damp after a dishwasher cycle, she ingeniously used a towel to solve her issue. By simply inserting a dish towel into the rack and after running the machine, she found that it absorbed the excess moisture leaving her dishes perfectly dry!

While creativity and innovation are always something to encourage, it’s important to underline the proper use of appliances to protect expensive equipment.

Homeowners need to consider the advice of qualified professionals before jumping on the bandwagon of every DIY trend. Several appliance repair experts have cautioned against Laylay’s drying hack in this case.

These professionals say stuffing a towel inside a dishwasher carries several risks. Most dishwashers work by superheating the water and using a heated drying process.

Even though the dishwasher is done running, apparently, the hinges, the latch, and the seal. And if you want a professional’s opinion, check out this trusty advice from the internet’s favorite appliance repair tech, Renae (@renduh). And the professional advice to actually dry your dishes: use a drying agent or rinse aid.

While we’re thrilled folks are constantly exploring new ways to make our lives easier, remember not all hacks are safe or effective. But don’t let this curb your enthusiasm. Keep being creative, stay curious, and continue sharing your hacks with due consideration of safety and practicality. Safe cleaning, friends!

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