Tips For Home Appliance Maintenance


Appliances tend to be overlooked until major repairs are needed. Failure to maintain your equipment regularly would result in sudden malfunctions. These trusted devices can betray you on days when you need them most. Preventative maintenance would extend equipment life and avoid costly repairs.

In general, people are not aware of general home appliance maintenance tips to extend their lifespan. Be sure to follow safety guidelines before touching the device. Unplug the power cord and don’t forget to wear protective gloves and goggles. Here are some ways to maintain important household appliances


  • Clean coils – Usually coils are the culprit when the fridge stops working on a hot day. Position the coils behind the refrigerator vent cover and vacuum them at least once a year to improve the efficiency of the unit.
  • Replace water filter – Some problems arise when homeowners don’t change the ice maker or water filter frequently. The water filter needs to be replaced every six months, use the information in the manual to purchase the appropriate filter.
  • deep cleaning – Thoroughly clean the refrigerator and refrigerators once a month to improve their cooling performance and remove ice and dirt build-up.


Similar to refrigerators, wash the dishwasher with a recommended cleaning solution every six months. Vertical spikes in the racks need to be replaced periodically. Replace them as necessary to prevent them from soiling the dishes.


Most modern oven models have a self-cleaning function that makes maintenance even easier. Use the self-cleaning mode every six months and don’t use it for 6 hours after cleaning. Alternatively, use a white vinegar solution to clean the inside of the oven.


Cooker and stove are the most commonly used appliances. Periodically check the oven with spiral burners for red spots. These red dots indicate that coils are likely to give up after a short while. If red spots appear, replace the burner immediately.

washing machine

Most of us worry that the washing machine will break down mid-cycle. This can be avoided with a few effective care tips, for example by frequently cleaning the fluff filter in the washing machine. Clean it regularly to remove dirt and lint and improve its functionality. Another effective preventive maintenance would be to hire professional cleaning services for your washing machine every 3 to 6 months.

ventilation hood

While washing range hoods is a big no-no, it’s recommended that you clean them regularly. When cleaning a dirty extractor hood, pay particular attention to grease filters and downdraft nozzles. Depending on how often you use it, schedule a range hood cleaning every few weeks.

Also, check the fan blades and clean them regularly to remove grease and dirt. Build-up of dust impairs the efficiency of the fan blades.


Finally, these maintenance tips do not require the help of a professional technician. You can rent him Equipment Repair West Chester . A homeowner can improve the efficiency and lifespan of the appliances without paying a dime. These tips will ensure that the household appliance remains in good condition for a long time.