Pacifica launches new hybrid appliance repair partnership model to create nationwide network of repair specialists


A group of the first Pacifica Local partners

Pacifica, the largest independent professional appliance repair company in the UK, has launched Pacifica Local to expand its regional presence throughout the country.

Pacifica Local is a hybrid UK network, which will be made up of regional businesses acquired by Pacifica and high quality local repair companies operating Pacifica’s processes and systems through a under a Partnership Agreement.

The concept combines the benefits of a personable local service with the continuity of Pacifica’s renowned ethos and industry-leading standards. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the new business model offers prompt, first-class service delivered by local engineers with in-depth knowledge of the area.

Pacifica is the largest independent professional appliance repair company in the UK directly employing more than 260 engineers who carry out more than 370,000 repairs annually.

The North East England-based company has been steadily acquiring businesses, adding five new SME appliance repair companies to its portfolio in the last year alone, improving coverage and increasing density in key strategic regions throughout the UK.

However, the introduction of Pacifica Local, which has been launched with an initial group of 14 local partners, provides a platform for business people to enter the industry for the first time or for established businesses to take advantage of the full support package offered by Pacifica.

For established independent repair businesses, Pacifica Local offers the opportunity for business owners to drive growth and value by developing and expanding their current operations cost effectively and sustainably.

The model has previously been effectively implemented by Pacifica through supporting business owners’ succession planning and helping them achieve a successful retirement, while retaining staff and ensuring business continuity. These businesses have since been added to the Pacifica Local portfolio.

For both partner and acquired businesses, Pacifica Local provides a wide range of support and tools, including a fully integrated website, field management systems, business mentoring, comprehensive training programmes, dual branding, financial analytics, technical field support, and access to Pacifica’s warranty work.

Furthermore, Pacifica’s purchasing power enables businesses to benefit from negotiated discounts, bulk purchasing, and access to preferred suppliers, contributing to higher profit margins.
Kevin Brown, Chief Executive Officer at Pacifica, said: “Pacifica Local is a game-changer for the domestic appliance repair industry.

“Our unique platform offers a comprehensive support package tailored to the needs of businesses at any stage of maturity. From training and mentoring of new entrants to the industry to onboarding existing white goods businesses, we are committed to ensuring that our Pacifica Local partners achieve stable profitability and maximise their growth potential.

“Our partners are experiencing improved performance metrics and profitability, we are continuously working on enhancing our platform to meet market demands. Pacifica Local is revolutionising the repair sector, and we are excited about the future as we strive to maintain our competitive advantage.”

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