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Greetings to all! I run a home appliance repair business in Toronto -“”. The specialists of my company have been repairing household appliances for many years. My career in this business also started more than 8 years ago. First I was an ordinary master and gradually I became a director to deliver that best device repair Toronto.

In general, I’ve always loved messing around with devices, disassembling things, figuring out how they work, troubleshooting, and so on. As a student I repaired my first computer with my own hands.

But computers weren’t the only devices I learned to fix. That’s how I went from amateur to professional. I decided to write this article to tell you how to choose the right repair technician.

Devices that break down most often

Any technology can fail – it’s just a matter of time. One device will break after a month of use, the other may work fine for a couple of years, but then something will most likely fail on it. Toronto appliance repair practice has shown that most people call repairs to fix washing machines and refrigerators. In addition, the list of top devices for breakdowns includes air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and ovens.

In each of these devices, the cause of the failure is different. For refrigerators, the main problem is freon leakage, failure of the thermostat, compressor, as well as damage and clogging in the capillary tube. As with the ovens, problems arise here due to wear and tear on the control unit.

Washing machines most often break down because the heating mechanism spoils them. Among other things: failure of the electrical system or wear and tear of the drums.

When repairing a washing machine, the master changes the bearings to eliminate problems with the oil seal. The reasons why this device fails and deteriorates can be different. The shaft seal fails if the user, for example, incorrectly installed the washing machine on the surface (an error in determining the level). In addition, the oil seal can fail due to its own wear. Such repairs can have device repair costs of $200-300.

Another common problem with washing machines is module failure. This happens due to sudden power surges. Also, the module will break if water gets into the outlet. In this case, the customer pays between $100 and $299 for the repair.

Air conditioning failure is another common reason people call in a handyman. This usually happens in summer. Among the breakdowns – the device does not turn on, the air is poorly cooled, dirty filters that urgently need to be cleaned, etc.

If you have an air conditioner and it broke, you need to find the documents and see the warranty period for the device. If the warranty is still valid, take the air conditioner to a service center where professionals will repair it free of charge.

Note, however, that not all cases qualify for a free warranty repair. For example, if the device broke through your fault, you accidentally put something in it and it broke, the service center technicians will not repair the device for free.

If the warranty on the washing machine or refrigerator has expired, you can still repair the device in the official service, but such work will be quite expensive. Therefore, many customers prefer to find the best gadget repair Toronto to repair gadgets independently through the internet or something else.

But such quests don’t always end well for people. I will tell you how to choose a reliable handyman on the Internet who will do this job well and will not take too much money for it.

By the way, the average device repair cost for refrigerator repairs in our region in the winter of 2022 looked like this.

Be careful about these things

There are dishonest people in every business, the main thing is to know how to distinguish a real master from a scammer. Unfortunately, fraud happens quite often. Our company is constantly faced with situations where people bring devices to us for repair after they have been “fixed” by scammers. The demand for repairing equipment is very high, so dishonest people take advantage of people’s inexperience and naivety, posing as specialists.

How does fraud happen? Here are just a few common cases:

  • Manipulation of internal elements. When repairing devices, many scammers offer customers cheap analogues instead of original parts, or even leave the device without replacing the elements at all. It is obvious that in such a case there is no benefit from the work, only harm.

I’ll give you an example. The Master of Best Appliance Repair Toronto accepted an application to repair a washing machine. After a thorough diagnosis in our center, it turned out that the heating mechanism inside was broken. As the customer said later, he had hired a craftsman beforehand grandfather. This scammer replaced the heating elements and charged the customer $700. Also, he said he was replacing not one, but two heating elements! But there is only one heater in the washing machine! The scammer didn’t replace the broken part, he tricked the customer and took the money and doubled the amount. The customer tried to get in touch with this person, but he was no longer reachable.

  • No repair at all. Many customers told us how the scammers worked according to the following scheme: they come at the request of the customer, look at the device, completely disassemble the device and explain that it is necessary to establish the true cause of the breakdown (usually these are devices like a TV or a washing machine). It takes about 30 minutes to diagnose, and then the captain tells the customer that the repair work will cost about $800-$900. People refuse mainly because the price is very high and then the scammer asks to pay $300. For what, you might ask? It’s simple – to collect equipment!
  • Fake breakdowns to impose additional equipment repair services. There are cases when dishonest specialists deliberately identify glitches in the work of the device, calling them a key problem. Our customers told us how they faced the problem of the air conditioner not cooling the air and the repairer insisted that the inside surface of the unit needs to be cleaned.

In such situations, a fake specialist will offer three or four services, each of which can cost you from $100 to $200. In addition, the customer has to constantly buy more and more new spare parts. Thus, all work has an equipment repair price of $3,000 and even more.

  • Basic replacement. When customers try to find a tradesman on the Internet, they generally call several numbers at once to compare prices and leave a request for where the conditions are most favorable.

employee of Equipment repair service Be sure to call back, they usually say things like this: “You left us a repair request. Please enter your place of residence so that we can double-check the data.” The customer gives his address and the service managers tell him that the captain will not arrive at eight in the evening as originally agreed, but at five in the evening. Of course, the customer agrees, because that way the repair is even faster.

So the client is waiting for the master’s arrival, he is sure that everything is fair and transparent, and the company to which he left the application is a reliable organization! And it turns out the opposite is true! A scammer will come to his house. This often happens according to the scheme – with several calls, the person also called the scammer, and he still had a phone number. The scammer calls back after a while, hoping that the person has already left a repair request somewhere, and takes the customer from a real master.

Some scammers make it even worse. They replace documents. We faced situations where customers showed us a fake warranty card with the name of our Toronto based device repair company and an address where only the logo was different.

You won’t believe it, but there are veritable “master schools” in our world that teach how to professionally deceive customers. We decided to look into this and sent our small appliance repair specialists from Toronto to such a place. Here are some general things that are forbidden:

  • to inform a customer that the devices are working and nothing needs to be repaired;
  • provide final repair costs earlier than 30-50 minutes after your arrival at the customer;
  • state the cause of the failure before the device is dismantled;
  • discuss labor costs if the client doesn’t ask these questions;
  • Show price without customer request;
  • Limit repair work to just one service.