TRX Restoration is Now Offering Water Damage Restoration and Flood Cleanup Services in New Jersey and New York


Water damage restoration company TRX Restoration is pleased to announce that they now offer water damage restoration and flood restoration. Their licensed general contractors promise to go above and beyond to ensure the full recovery of their clients’ homes or businesses after water damage.

Water is the most common cause of property damage. That’s because plumbing problems, burst pipes, floods, spills, rain, equipment malfunctions and more can cause significant water damage to a home or business. A homeowner or business owner must act quickly to mitigate the damage. TRX Restoration professionals specialize in restoring and repairing homes or businesses when water damage occurs.

According to Gene Axelrod, a representative for TRX Restoration, “Flooding, backlogged sewage, blocked drains and burst pipes all come with risks. It is always important that water is treated as a hazard to avoid mold, drowning, electrical hazards and other injuries.”

“In addition to endangering people, water damage poses a major risk to your property and its structural integrity. The longer you wait for full water damage recovery and flood remediation, the more likely you are to need mold removal. But there is no need to worry. Our team will appear on your website within 30 minutes of your call.”

TRX Restoration has been a leader in the restoration industry for many years, specializing in water remediation and water abstraction. Their team of professionals work on all water damage related services including emergency water damage, water damage restoration, water flood restoration and more. They also work on businesses and homes throughout New York and New Jersey.

TRX Restoration seeks to ensure that businesses, families and individuals whose property or residence has been damaged are able to get on with their lives as quickly as possible after experiencing just how horrible it could be. They are proud of their dedicated team who are not only competent at what they do but also enthusiastic about seeing businesses and households go back to their homes and normal routines.

The company is also trained and well-equipped in their trades, using the latest techniques and technology to ensure a smooth, quick and hassle-free home repair. They also treat their customers’ belongings with the utmost responsibility and care.

TRX Restoration recognizes that their commitment to superior customer service makes them unique. That’s why they’re just a phone call away throughout the restoration process. They are available not only during office hours but also outside of business hours whenever their customers need them.

About TRX recovery

TRX Restoration is a company specializing in water damage restoration, flood restoration and mold inspections in New York and New Jersey. They are specialists in all types of disaster recovery, such as mold removal, disaster recovery, and water damage restoration.

To learn more about TRX Restoration and its services, call Gene Axelrod at (888) 502-7190 or email him at Visit the official website at to book a free water damage restoration consultation in New York and New Jersey today.


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