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Expert shares home protection tips for flooding, water damage


SAGINAW, Mich. (WNEM) – All of the rain the past couple of days, and throughout the summer, has caused flooding and water damage for some homeowners.

One local expert shared home protection tips.

“Yes, we have been slammed,” said Brienne Ingersoll with Servpro.

Last month was the wettest July on record in Saginaw, and so far, August is following suit.

“You’re right. The rain, the wind, and even the hail started, I want to say early July, and we have not had much of a break,” Ingersoll said.

While we may be getting a break soon, Ingersoll said the damage is already done.

“Lots of groundwater coming in. Lots of sewer backups. Lots of sump pump failures from the inability to keep up from the rainfall,” she said.

The cleaning and restoration company’s phones have been ringing off the hook with people inquiring about storm and water damage repairs.

“We’ve got about 105 employees and that being said, we are still functioning around the clock. Of course, all of the rain and hail have come on a lot of different weekends, so our technicians who are field technicians have been out working around the clock day in day out trying to get everybody cleaned up and where they need to be to get them dried out,” Ingersoll said.

It only takes an inch of rainfall to potentially flood your home, but Ingersoll spoke about a few ways you can be proactive to protect your home.

“Check your gutter, check your chimneys, service and replace your sump pumps…getting a roof inspection can be helpful, block any and all cracks that you might find,” she said.

She said she also recommends homeowners change their sump pumps every three to five years.

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