Everything You Can Expect From Water Damage Restoration in Greenfield, IN

Everything You Can Expect From Water Damage Restoration in Greenfield, IN


Published August 28, 2023

Let Us Here at on Time Restoration, LLC Make Things Easier for You After Water Damage Occurs

United States – August 24, 2023 / On Time Restoration, LLC /

If your home experiences water damage, it can be an incredibly disorientating time for you. Youre trying to clean things up and save items so they dont get further damaged, and in general, the whole situation feels like a mess. That said, we want you to know that professional water damage restoration in Greenfield, IN, is only a call away. We here at On Time Restoration will show up to your property soon after we get your call and start helping to make the situation better. Well start with our board-up and tarping services alongside removing the water to mitigate any further damage if necessary. From there, we will assess the damage and begin with repairs. Finally, we will finish repairs and focus on mold & mildew prevention. Please continue reading if youd like to know more about these processes.

Mitigating Further Damage

The sooner you give us a call, the faster we can get to your location and start mitigating damage as quickly as possible. Water damage can occur for many reasons, so we aim to assess what happened and limit further damage. If the water was due to broken piping or plumbing, we aim to shut off and remove the water. If it came from damage caused by a storm, our goal would be to board up or tarp any exposed areas of your home so further rainwater doesnt get in. In either situation or any other, our priority is to dry things out and remove the presence of water, which may involve vacuums, dehumidifiers, and large fans. The sooner we dry things out, the quicker we can prevent mold from setting in or structural supports weakening from being submerged in water.

Assessing Repairs

We do some of this during the beginning stages of drying out and mitigating damage to your home. But the more accurate assessment occurs when we have a firm foothold. Once the water is removed, we can look for damage beyond the surface level. Water seeps into walls & flooring and can cause significant structural integrity risks depending on how long the water is in those areas. Furthermore, electrical systems can become incredibly hazardous and need to be examined with microscopic detail. Otherwise, a fire could occur.

Finalizing Repairs and Mold Prevention

Repairs can ensue once we know everything we need to know and were in contact with your insurance. All of the repair techniques we do fall under typical insurance coverages to ensure that as little money comes out of your pocket as possible. Furthermore, as we make repairs, we will apply mold-prevention measures to ensure our work lasts. All this and more is available through our services here at On Time Restoration. This ensures you get to keep things simple and make one phone call to us, rather than any number of contractors that only specialize in one type of repairs.

Call Now!

All these services and more can be reached by calling On Time Restoration. We aim to get you back in your home safely and as quickly as possible. This event has been stressful and worrisome enough for you, and were here to improve things. So if you need emergency restoration services in Greenfield, IN, call us at 317-318-1328.

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