Tree roots from neighboring yard invade Buffalo woman’s garage


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — For the past four years, Donna Garner has noticed that the roots of the massive trees in her neighbor’s backyard have been invading her property.

“Once I noticed it, it started getting worse, and worse, and worse,” explained Garner, who has owned her home for more than 40 years.

Garner’s garage is next to her fence, and on the other side of that fence is where the two massive trees sit. One of the trees’ roots has pierced through her wood garage, creating more damage as time passes. The cement floor in her garage is also starting to lift up as well.

Garner was in touch with the former landlord of the property next door, and most recently the current landlord. Garner said crews came out to look at the trees, but the only work done was the trimming of branches.

“It just seems I’m not getting anywhere no matter what I do,” explained Garner. Her family member then called 7 Problem Solvers on her behalf.

Garner said companies told her that they would not fix the garage, or touch the roots until the trees are taken down.

7 Problem Solver Michael Schwartz called the landlord who said at this time the trees will be staying.

“There’s nothing I can do at this time,” said the landlord. “It’s more of a hassle to remedy the situation than to just leave it.”

However Schwartz found out that’s not true. The landlord can cut the trees down if he wanted to, he is just not legally obligated to do so.

The City of Buffalo’s Department of Permit and Inspection Services Commissioner Cathy Amdur told Schwartz that an inspector determined the tree is healthy. If there were signs of decay then the city can step in, but as of right now this is a civil issue, and not a code violation.

Still Garner remains shocked at the situation.

“I can’t believe somebody came out here, and looked at this garage and stated this is not a problem,” said Garner. “Nobody has said a word to me.”

The landlord said this is just mother nature, and Garner has a right to trim the branches over her property.

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