Rain brings an increase in lawn and tree service business


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – With heavy spring rains expected in Texoma and more expected, many lawn care businesses are feeling the positive and negative effects of the rain.

Mike Ibarra, owner of North Texas Tree Expert, said that while the rain is beneficial to almost everyone in the area when it rains for an extended period, it can also interfere with completing work orders.

“It makes everything grow really well, it makes everything look nice, the grass is green, the leaves on the trees are green and it keeps us going,” Ibarra said.

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But when business is booming, rain can sometimes be more of a problem than a reason for business growth.

“We have a problem with just falling behind at work. We try to be polite and let everyone know we can be there at a certain time, but that can change with the rain and wind.” After that we spent three days cleaning up, which negated all other work ‘ said Ibrara.

Winds knocking down several trees here in Wichita Falls. Something Ibarra said can be prevented.

“By reducing the weight, some of the weight is removed from the ends of the branches, making them less likely to break. Also, you should thin them out a bit, not prune too much but prune just enough to allow air to flow through and not put so much stress on the tree that it snaps and is pulled out of the ground,” says Ibarra called.

But not only trees benefit from the rain. Lawns are growing rapidly, which many residents need to be aware of, said Chris Horgen, the City of Wichita Falls public information officer.

“If your weeds or grass is nine inches or more, that’s a pretty tall height. Regulation enforcement will see it or someone will report it and will take a look and measure it and you’ll get a letter,” Horgen said.

A letter giving you 10 days to mow your lawn or you could be fined a hefty $400.

Horgen said that not only can the tall grass be a feast for the eyes, but more importantly, your tall grass could pose a hazard to passing motorists by blocking your view at intersections and possibly causing an accident.

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