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Nixa Utilities starting preventative tree trimming


NIXA, Mo. (KY3) – The city of Nixa is committed to beginning maintenance across the city ahead of the upcoming spring season.

Ozarks are aware of our increase in severe weather, thunderstorms and strong winds that can down trees, branches and power lines.

Ahead of the season, Nixa executives announced that they had signed Wright Tree Services of Iowa. Although based outside of Iowa, they have provided services to other utilities in the state of Missouri and throughout the region. Tim Hammer, pruning shears foreman at Nixa Utilities, explains what the company will primarily be doing.

“Their main goal is to cut trees off the power lines to provide reliable service to the community,” says Hammer.

In fact, the company’s collaboration with the city began last Monday. Despite the company’s primary goal of preventative trimming, the city can use its services in the event of an emergency or when a storm hits and cleaning services are needed.

In regards to Wright’s services starting this week, Nixa residents will see the company’s branded trucks all over town. However, Hammer would like to remind people that the company works for the city.

“We’ll be putting magnets on the side of the trucks to show they’re an authorized contractor for the city of Nixa,” Hammer explains. “Since Wright is in the neighborhood and you see her in your yard, don’t be alarmed. They just cut the trees away from the power lines.”

Regardless of whether the lines are on commercial, public, or private property, any tree trimming away from power lines or electrical infrastructure is already budgeted for and at no cost to customers. If Nixa residents have concerns or would like to report trees or branches near power lines, they are urged to contact Nixa Utilities at 417-725-3229.

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