NEAR Foundation and Airchains Join Forces with SankalpTaru Foundation to Boost Accountability in Tree Plantations

NEAR Foundation and Airchains Join Forces with SankalpTaru Foundation to Boost Accountability in Tree Plantations

Bangalore, India, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The SankalpTaru Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable living and preserving biodiversity, announced today that it is collaborating with the NEAR Foundation, the non-profit organization that supports ongoing growth and the NEAR protocol development supported. a powerful, low-cost and super scalable carbon neutral blockchain and airchains to transform the tree plantation ecosystem with blockchain technology. By using the NEAR protocol together with Airchains’ state-of-the-art Web3 middleware SaaS solution, the SankalpTaru Foundation makes tree plantations more transparent, traceable and traceable.

Protecting the environment has become one of the top priorities worldwide as climate change, adverse environmental conditions, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and more impact planet earth every day. Every year around 10 million hectares of forest are cut down to make land available for housing and urban development. Governments around the world are making diligent efforts to promote environmental protection and green policies, reduce carbon footprint and implement carbon offsetting initiatives such as tree planting, reforestation, use of renewable energy, recycling, etc. To achieve these sustainability goals, funds are often released by governments to ensure awareness of environmental protection and environmental protection, yet corrupt practices prevail that immensely impede progress. Practices such as illegal logging, illegal trade, poaching, misuse of public funds, fraudulent reporting and the like are still present and widespread in this sector.

SankalpTaru Foundation, one of them of India leading IT-enabled NGOs have recognized the potential of blockchain to improve transparency, traceability and accountability in tree plantations. The NEAR protocol allows the SankalpTaru Foundation to create tamper-proof digital records of every tree planted, including its species, location and growth status. This will allow the foundation to monitor the progress of its tree planting initiatives in real time, ensure compliance with environmental regulations and track the impact of its efforts on biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

Airchains’ Web3 middleware SaaS, on the other hand, will enable the SankalpTaru Foundation to automate the payment and delivery of goods and services to its stakeholders such as seed suppliers, nurseries and farmers. Airchains middleware will be integrated with the NEAR Foundation blockchain to ensure secure and transparent transactions and reduce the risk of fraud and corruption. Donors can track their contributions and track the progress of each tree planted through geolocation and geofencing. This groundbreaking step will not only provide real-time data for each tree, but also enable better monitoring of plantation density in specific areas, promoting a more sustainable and green future.

“SankalpTaru was founded with a group of nature enthusiasts who aim to become the medium between technology and green environment. Covering 26 states and UTs with over 5 million trees planted, recorded and tracked India, we are still on our way to make the planet greener. By integrating blockchain technology into our ecosystem, we wanted to bring trust, transparency and accountability to our donors and offer them an exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience. Through this immutable technology, increased confidence in our process and accountability will fuel our cause for greenerness. In addition, donors can also track different stages of the tree planting process and track their contributions.” Apurva Bhandari, Founder, SankalpTaru

“Working with the SankalpTaru Foundation in their quest to ensure a greener planet and promote a more sustainable and just world by supporting them with our state-of-the-art blockchain infrastructure has been an exciting experience. Through flexible and seamless integration, we have created a trusted environment.” We hope that this will strengthen the discussion on how blockchain technology could be integrated into the environmental sector to ensure secure tracking, recording and documentation, and that this technology still has significant untapped potential. ” Ankur Rakhi Sinha, Co-Founder and CEO of Airchains

Donations made to the foundation are used for various activities to keep up environmental efforts and support local farmers. They also launched Gramyumm, an initiative they run to empower rural communities through e-commerce and to have their products for sale on the foundation’s website.

“The NEAR Foundation is at the forefront of supporting Indian innovation and contributing to a brighter future. Our scalable and developer-friendly blockchain platform will enable the SankalpTaru Foundation to create innovative solutions that have a positive social and environmental impact. Through this integration with SankalpTaru and Airchains.” “This is a novel sustainable technology initiative. We’re expanding our scope into new industries that haven’t yet fully leveraged blockchain, and we want to support that growth as the technology continues to permeate more sectors.” Arpit SharmaManaging Director, India, South East AsiaAnd middle East for the NEAR Foundation.

About the SankalpTaru Foundation:

The SankalpTaru Foundation is an IT-enabled NGO dedicated to the spread of green with its core philosophy of Planting Trees for the People by the People. Nearly 5 million trees in 26 states and some of the most polluted cities have taken root and survived IndiaThey constantly beam a healthy, happy smile through their trees. With every blooming plant, they maximize social and environmental impact, successfully fighting the harmful demons of pollution, and empowering poor farmers’ livelihoods to create a rich biodiversity ecosystem.

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About Airchains:

Airchains is a Web3 middleware Saas product that allows users to deploy, build and scale their blockchains. The company provides tools to build the blockchain to run your own networks, as well as tools to build dApps and NFTs on top of it, enabling developers, companies and institutions to improve network security and performance, have integrated tools and APIs and perform smart contract audits . These are one-stop solutions that allow users to easily deploy and manage.

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About the NEAR Foundation

The Near Foundation is a Swiss non-profit organization that supports the continued growth and development of the Near Protocol, a high-performance, carbon-neutral blockchain that is super-fast, scalable, and incredibly secure. Near is built by an award winning team of engineers and engineers entrepreneur be easy to use, inclusive and good for the environment.

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