Mountain lion lounges in tree at Garden of the Gods


(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A mountain lion was spotted in a tree in the Garden of the Gods on Saturday, April 29.

  • Courtesy of Anna Cordova & Cody Bear Sutton
  • Mountain Lion lounges in the tree at Garden of the GodsCourtesy of Anna Cordova & Cody Bear Sutton

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Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services (PRCS) said the “majestic visitor” was sighted during its motorless morning event on Saturday morning. The special event eliminated motor vehicle access within the park from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m.

“Mountain lions are rare in the park and it is uncommon to see them outdoors or around people,” PRCS explained. “They tend to live in remote, primitive areas with plentiful deer and adequate cover.”

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As good stewards of beloved spaces like Garden of the Gods, PRCS said it’s important to remember that open spaces are natural habitats for wildlife.

PRCS said when seeing wildlife, “follow the principles of Leave No Trace by being respectful, observing them from a distance and never approaching, feeding or following them.”