Dangerous winds rip up trees in northern Utah


SANDY, Utah — Strong winds blew across northern Utah from Thursday night through Friday morning, knocking down trees and causing power outages.

Some homeowners in Sandy woke up as early as 3 a.m. to hearing wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour.

Massive trees were uprooted, falling on driveways, homes and cars. A tree fell on two cars.

The damage went beyond Sandy in Draper.

A tree fell into a house and destroyed large parts of the house.

Back in Sandy Flynn Wallace woke up to his dogs barking.

The winds tore his family’s favorite tree from a park lane and toppled it over a fence.

He spent the morning felling the tree, but gave up and started calling the tree felling service.

He said his dogs need the yard so removing the tree was urgent.

He said the winds were strong last night. “It was loud,” Wallace said. “We were glad it didn’t hit the car, so a little relieved.”

Rough Friday morning for many Sandy and Draper residents. That strong wind that we talked about on KSL Today killed several trees along with power outages. We’re live on @KSL5TV at noon with a look at the damage. pic.twitter.com/C64h3eYur7

— Shelby Lofton (@newswithShelby) March 10, 2023

Across the street, his neighbor peered over the siding that had been ripped from their home.

A tree that had stood in Nita Shutt’s yard for 45 years lay across the driveway and two cars.

“My dogs were acting up, so I was like, okay, let’s see what’s going on,” Shutt said. “And I went up, we have this big window right there and I saw we have this huge tree over my car. It was wild.”

Shutt said her family is grateful the tree didn’t fall on the street or hit someone else’s home. She said no one was hurt.

Several contractors were scattered across the area cleaning up debris from fallen trees and broken branches.

The wind has also knocked out the electricity in several areas. Rocky Mountain Power vehicles were in the neighborhood as workers restored power.

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