4 Best Tree Removal Companies in Lake Havasu City, AZ (2024)


Our Methodology

We’ve ranked the top 4 tree removal companies that operate within 50 miles of Lake Havasu City. We base our ranking off average customer ratings weighted against the number of reviews. For more information, check out our full methodology.

Companies in Lake Havasu City

Healthy trees boost your home’s curb appeal and give welcome shade to your yard. However, unhealthy trees can present significant dangers to your property. If a tree is decaying, diseased or threatening your home’s architecture, it may be necessary to remove it. Tree removal also helps mitigate the risk of wildfires in Lake Havasu City. Turn to licensed professionals with the right equipment and experience to safely remove hazard trees from your property.

Removing diseased trees and other trees with high fall risk is vital for your property’s health. However, attempting to tackle the project yourself could lead to serious injury and costly property damage.

Tree removal professionals are well-versed in the proper cutting techniques and use specialized machinery to remove trees following local regulations. By choosing a reputable tree removal company in Lake Havasu City, you can trust that the job will be completed safely and to a high standard.

Find the best local tree removal companies for you in Lake Havasu City

Look for tree removal companies in Lake Havasu City with at least 3.5 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews and a good rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB). Use the filters below to help you find the right company for your needs.

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We rank local service providers based on their average customer rating and number of ratings in order to surface the best pros in your area.

Better than 87% of companies

This provider has a better score than at least 90% of companies in the area.

Top Rated

This provider has more reviews than at least 80% of companies in the area.


This provider is within 5 miles of your city

NearbyStump Grinding and RemovalLot ClearingTree RemovalTrimming and Pruning

1990 McCulloch Blvd N D58, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

(928) 706-9703

Diligent Tree Services

We rank local service providers based on their average customer rating and number of ratings in order to surface the best pros in your area.

Better than 12% of companies

This provider is within 5 miles of your city


Provider’s rating is less than 3.0/5

Low RatingTree RemovalEmergency Services

565 Post Office, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406

(928) 208-7905

Bradfords Tree Services

We rank local service providers based on their average customer rating and number of ratings in order to surface the best pros in your area.

Better than 62% of companies

Provider is more than 50 miles from your city

Not Nearby

3967 N Diamond St, Kingman, AZ 86409

(928) 681-4895

Al’s Landscaping Services of Laughlin, Inc.

We rank local service providers based on their average customer rating and number of ratings in order to surface the best pros in your area.

Better than 37% of companies

Provider’s rating is less than 3.0/5

Low Rating

3677 Laughlin Blvd, Laughlin, NV 89029

(702) 302-3678

How do you know a tree needs to be removed?

Consider removing a tree if you observe severe damage or decay, or if its roots or offshoots are encroaching on your house. The number of decayed trees in Lake Havasu City is noticeably low compared to other American cities. It’s wise to contact a professional tree removal contractor if you observe any of these indicators:

The tree or its branches are too close to your home, garage or shed. The tree is dropping an unusual amount of sap, seeds, leaves, needles or branches. The tree’s branches or trunk are cracked and won’t heal. The tree is severely burned or visibly dead. The tree has damage from heavy rain or thunderstorms. The tree has pests, diseases or mold weakening its structure. The tree’s roots are making your home’s foundation crack or lift.

If you notice raised dirt around the tree trunk’s base, or if the tree is visibly starting to lean, it’s at a high risk of falling. Contact a reputable tree removal company right away if you see either of these signs, and have the tree professionally assessed.

What is a hazard tree?

Hazard trees, also known as danger trees, contain irreparable structural defects making them more prone to fall. A falling tree could seriously endanger people, vehicles, property and pets. Signs of structural defects include rotten wood, loose bark, large cracks, dead branches and hollow cavities near the tree base. If you have a hazard tree on your property, get it removed right away.

Facts about Lake Havasu City

Common Trees
  1. Utah Juniper
  2. Common Or Two Needle Pinyon
  3. Singleleaf Pinyon

Lake Havasu City

What other tree services might you need?

In addition to removing trees, some tree removal companies offer a variety of additional services, such as these:

  • Wood chipping: A tree removal professional can use a wood chipper to break down the trunk and branches once the tree is cut down. Afterward, you can spread the mulch in your garden to enhance plant growth.
  • Debris removal: Tree removal usually leaves behind large debris such as logs, branches and leaves. A professional can use a dump truck or flatbed to haul away debris.
  • Stump removal: After the team finishes removing your tree, only the stump will be left. You can choose to grind down the stump so what’s left of the tree will decompose. A contractor can also remove the stump altogether in some cases. While this is more expensive than grinding, it guarantees the tree won’t grow back.
  • Landscaping services: Some tree removal professionals also offer landscaping services. By choosing one of these companies, you could add a fresh tree or level the area where the stump was located.

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How to choose the best tree removal service in Lake Havasu City

Follow these steps to make the right tree removal company decision for your needs.

Ask whether the company has a licensed arborist on staff

A licensed arborist can assess your tree’s health and offer suitable solutions, such as restoring its health or safely removing it to mitigate fall risk. Arborists also provide guidance on pruning, moving and planting trees. Arizona does not require arborists to be licensed, so we recommend looking for an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Arborists must have at least three years of experience and pass an exam to obtain the certification. ISA-certified arborists have the experience, skills and knowledge to remove your tree.

Make sure the company is licensed and insured

Tree removal companies should have an extensive insurance policy, including general liability, workers compensation and business liability. These policies help protect you, your property and the company’s workers in the event of an accident. City and county governments often set their own tree removal licensing requirements. A contractor in Lake Havasu City doesn’t need a state license if tree removal is their only service. We recommend contacting Lake Havasu City officials and your county to ensure a prospective contractor is properly licensed.

Request a tree risk assessment

A tree risk assessment (TRA) can help you determine if removing a potentially dangerous tree is the best decision. After you ask for a TRA, an arborist will evaluate your tree’s potential to fall and what damage could come from a fall. The arborist will first examine the tree from a distance to look for obvious signs of damage. They will then circle around the tree to inspect its crown, roots and trunk. Some arborists use specific equipment to study the tree’s insides.

Get a free estimate

Many tree removal companies offer free consultations and estimates. Get estimates from at least two companies to compare prices and recommendations.

Read reviews from homeowners

Ask friends and family for suggestions on nearby tree removal companies. Even with a referral from someone, it’s still important to verify a company’s reputation by reading reviews on sites like BBB, Google Reviews and Yelp.

Our methodology for selecting tree removal companies

The Homefront Local team employs a proprietary scoring algorithm that evaluates companies based on key factors you value, such as average customer review ratings and trustworthiness indicators. Our method for determining trust involves a comparative analysis of the number of reviews a company receives compared to its local competitors. This leads to companies that have earned more trust from your local community being awarded a higher score.

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