The Roofing Material That’s Banned In Los Angeles, California


Did you know that there is a rating system for fire protection roofs? Any untreated wood shingles, clapboard or plywood is classified as Class C roofing as it will only provide protection in the event of a light fire. Shingles and shingles treated with refractory material are classified as Class B roofing. They are ideal for a moderate burn. Class A roofing is the best class in severe situations such as forest fires. Some of the materials in this class are metal, slate, clay tile, and concrete tile. They are non-flammable and withstand high temperatures.

In addition to being fire resistant, metal roofs are durable and can even reflect heat to keep a home cool in hot weather. Slate roofs are very durable and give a home an elegant, natural look. Clay and concrete are also good materials in fire-prone areas like Los Angeles because they’re heavy enough to stay in place in high winds. Would you like an alternative that looks like real wood? Some companies are addressing this requirement by recreating the wood look with roof shingles that are rated A fire, water and mildew resistant.