SIMIAN Nurturing Excellence in Roofing Apprentices



At SIMIAN, we’ve always believed in the power of knowledge, skill, and commitment when it comes to roofing. Our mission has always been to set the industry standard for training and safety in scaffolding, working at height, and roofing. We’re excited to share the remarkable achievements of our apprentices, which reflect the dedication and hard work that go into our new Roofing Centre.

SkillBuild Success:

Our journey to excellence begins with SkillBuild, a competition that pushes apprentices to showcase their skills and knowledge. In the recent Warrington heat, we couldn’t be prouder of our apprentices. Four of them stood tall among the best in the region, a testament to the exceptional training we provide at SIMIAN’s Roofing Centre.

Our Roofing Centre is more than just a training facility; it’s a place where apprentices hone their craft under the guidance of seasoned professionals. The fact that multiple apprentices earned their spot in the regional heat speaks volumes about the consistency and quality of our training.

BMI Apprentice of the Year Triumph:

Next, we journey to the prestigious BMI Apprentice of the Year competition. This platform celebrates the best young talents in the roofing industry. Four of our apprentices earned their place in the finals, showcasing our dedication to shaping not just skilled roofers but future leaders in the roofing industry.

These apprentices’ journey to the finals is a reflection of the comprehensive training we provide, which includes practical skills and theoretical knowledge. It’s about preparing them not just for a job but for a lifelong career in roofing.

A Victory for Excellence:

The pinnacle of our achievements in the BMI Apprentice of the Year competition was one of our apprentices emerging as the winner. This remarkable feat underscores our commitment to nurturing talent and laying a solid foundation for their roofing careers.

Our winning apprentice’s success isn’t just a personal triumph but a reflection of the dedication, hard work, and expertise gained during their time at SIMIAN. It’s a victory not just for them but for all of us at SIMIAN who share in their journey.


At SIMIAN, we view our New Roofing Centre as a cornerstone of excellence in roofing apprenticeships. The success of our apprentices in both SkillBuild and the BMI Apprentice of the Year competition is a testament to the quality of training and guidance we provide. Our focus on safety, precision, and industry knowledge equips apprentices to not just excel but to become leaders in the roofing sector.

In a world where skilled trades are more critical than ever, our Roofing Centre stands as a shining example of how investing in apprenticeships can pave the way for a brighter, more skilled future for the roofing industry. The achievements of our apprentices aren’t just personal victories; they’re a collective win for the entire roofing community.

At SIMIAN, we are immensely proud of our apprentices and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their journey towards excellence in roofing. Their accomplishments are a testament to our commitment to nurturing the next generation of roofing professionals. We look forward to continuing to set new standards of excellence in the industry, one apprentice at a time.