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NAPLES, Fla., April 14, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Kelly Roofing has completed the first-ever international Tesla solar rooftop installation, marking a significant milestone in green energy innovation. Based in Florida, the company managed negotiations, logistics and operations to expand its services into the international sphere, beginning on the island of Nevis in the West Indies. This installation opened global opportunities for Kelly Roofing to take the next steps in solar rooftop systems.

“This job is the result of years of work and innovation, it’s incredible to see it come to life,” said Kelly Roofing President Ken Kelly. “Since they began development in 2019, our team has been working with Tesla to develop the solar roof deployment process from the ground up. Innovation in roofing is what we do. That’s what we’ve been known for at Kelly Roofing for fifty years. This client and this job took us to a new level and really let us see the fruits of that labor.”

Installing a Tesla Solar Roof on an international scale required an intricate, multi-faceted and carefully engineered system. Kelly Roofing worked with the client to understand their objectives and negotiated an overall price for the roughwork. They then navigated through tariffs and duties, shipping fees, customs fees, storage fees, and transportation fees. The company’s previous experience in this logistics laid the foundation for the order in Nevis and made the order smooth for the customer.

“We had the benefit of having solid local shipping partners and a tried and tested process, it was all about strategically putting the pieces together for this customer’s needs,” said Ken.

The Kelly Roofing team’s extensive experience in navigating Florida’s stringent roofing regulations enabled them to overcome the legal hurdles of Nevis’ roofing regulations. The team has also partnered with a local contracting team to improve relationships with government and the local community, provide on-the-job training and bring the job to life.

The Tesla system is also unique in its durability and innovation. It is connected to an app designed to be intuitive for the homeowner, helping to control electricity consumption and usage. The roofs are also built to last, making them stormproof, windproof and hail impact resistant. Each tile is independent, allowing for expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures.

“The Tesla system gives our customers security. We’ve seen roofs come out of Hurricane Ian essentially untouched and the Powerwall system held up. In the only house with a Tesla solar roof, there were entire blocks where neighbors were charging their phones because nobody else had electricity,” Ken added.

For the homeowner, the Tesla Solar Roof offered a number of benefits including ease of use and unmatched durability that provide an excellent return on their investment. In Nevis, the homeowner could take their home off the grid without affecting the quality of their daily life.

Kelly Roofing is now reviewing and accepting new international Tesla solar roof jobs and is grateful and honored to have helped build this client’s home.

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Kelly Roofing is an award-winning, international roofing contractor based in Florida that has been at the forefront of roofing innovation since 1972. They are in the top 100 roofers and have been recognized as America’s Roofer of the Year. Kelly Roofing holds dozens of awards including the Roofing Think Tank Innovator of the Year and the Fastest Growing Roofing Company in America award. The company thrives on the idea that the values ​​of care, communication and consistency are the path to innovation and excellent workmanship. Kelly Roofing is a Tesla Solar Roof Certified Installer and has leveraged this partnership to enter the international solar roof market.

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