GenSun Roofing Announces Dr Silverberg is the Winner of the Homeowner of the Month Award

GenSun Roofing Announces Dr Silverberg is the Winner of the Homeowner of the Month Award


Released March 27, 2023

GenSun Roofing, a leading New Jersey roofing consultant, selects Dr. David Silverberg as the recipient of his monthly homeowner award for his impact on the community and his patients

GenSun Roofing has made a name for itself over the years not only as a roofing company, but also for going the extra mile to put a smile on as many people’s faces as possible by embracing the “Pay it Forward” concept . In a related development, GenSun Roofing selects a homeowner each month who has demonstrated similar characteristics and appreciates the customer for the good job they have done helping others.

“Each month we select one homeowner who has demonstrated that, like GenSun, they are ‘paying’ to their community in one way or another. – GenSun canopy.

It is no news that millions of people in different parts of the world have been struggling to live a happy life due to various challenges. Public authorities and private organizations have contributed to alleviating the suffering of the people. However, more needs to be done, especially by the relatively luckier individuals, and this is where GenSun Roofing is trying to motivate people to do more through the monthly homeowner awards.

The youngest awardee, Dr. David Silverberg of Marlboro, is a customer of the roofing company. David, who has clearly demonstrated the virtue of “Pay it Forward” by working in his well-known, respected chiropractic practice. He also helps with several charities by donating his precious time. David’s action is in line with GenSun Roofing’s Pay it Forward policy and the company gave him a $500 cash prize as the winner of the Homeowner of the Month award.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Stunned at first, Silverberg went on to thank GenSun Roofing and highlight the company’s quality of service while reiterating the completeness of the solutions offered, traits that made him so popular with the New Jersey-based roofing consultant.

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About GenSun Roofing

“For over 30 years I’ve been asked the same question over and over again: Why do I need a new roof? While we will never know when the current roof will be too old to properly protect your home and family, we do know that with each passing year it will cost more and more to replace. That’s fact. Inflation drives up both material and labor costs. It also drives up financing costs.”

GenSun Roofing is a sought after leading roofing contractor with a team of highly experienced and well trained professionals. Headquartered in New Jersey, the company offers a wide range of services including roofing installations, residential siding, gutter systems and solar roofing, making it a one-stop shop for all roofing needs for customers.

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