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Better Business Bureau says don’t fall victim to roofing scams


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – The Better Business Bureau says scammers are on the move. This time as roofing contractors looking to make a quick buck from your storm damage.

“There is an entire subgroup of people who are monitoring the skies, who are monitoring weather patterns and are swooping in to take advantage of those who are particularly vulnerable and have likely gone through the worst experience of their entire life,” says Josh Planos, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the BBB.

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach says working with a registered roofer is a bare minimum. Roofing contractors are required to register with the AG’s office in addition to any other local requirements that may be imposed by cities or counties.

The BBB says it’s important to check website reviews, understand your payment options and get estimates from different contractors.

“That really is best practice to get three bids. Not necessarily that the lowest bid, the lowest cost project is not necessarily the one you want to work with right. There might be a reason why it is priced at the way it is right. You want to know what the market rate for that service is going in so you have a general sense of what to discard,” says Planos.

Riley County officials also urge people to be aware of contractors that go door to door.

“The reality is it’s very unlikely for just anyone to stumble into that experience with a consumer and the reality is also that the person who is at your front door is not necessarily the person who you want to have handling your project,” says Planos.

Planos says it is important to slow down and do your research before agreeing to anything.

“There are both scammers and there are also people who are incredibly ill-equipped to handle facilitating needs to someone else and you want to make sure that you’re working with a company that has proven to be trustworthy in the past,” says Planos.

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