Winter Plumbing Tips in Warren County – Erie News Now


As temperatures continue to plummet, residents in our area are facing hardships, particularly concerning plumbing issues.

In addition to the well-known methods of avoiding frozen pipes, such as leaving cabinet doors open and letting faucets run a trickle overnight, local experts have shared crucial tips, especially for those residing in homes with older or exposed pipes.

The experts emphasized that wind can be as significant a factor as temperature, especially for those in mobile homes with minimal protection for their plumbing.

“Wind can be just as big of an issue as the temperature, especially in an area where we have so many people in mobile homes with just skirting protecting their plumbing,” said Nick Solcum, Operations Manager of Pipeworks Plumbing and Heating. “It’s very important to protect it. Most people have just vinyl and it’s expensive to replace, but there are easy ways to protect your plumbing with hay bales, tarps, and plywood. The same things that will get you through the winter will prevent a lot of frozen pipes.”