United Water & Air is the Go-to Plumber for Premium Plumbing Services in Vancouver, WA


Vancouver, WA – United Water & Air takes care of various plumbing issues including repairing and replacing leaking and broken plumbing fixtures, replacing obsolete pipes, repairing and replacing toilets, cleaning smaller clogged pipes, fitting and repairing hose barbs, and repair and the replacement of showers and bathtubs.

Other plumbing services the Vancouver plumber offers include installing a new main from the street to the house, re-plumbing the entire house, repairing and replacing leaking and burst toilets, repairing and replacing the garbage disposal and much more more.

Water heating is one of the main aspects of the plumbing system. A faulty heating system affects the temperature of the water going to showers, faucets, dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances. The Company provides water heater services including installation, replacement and service.

United Water & Air can also install gas heaters, electric heaters, hybrid electric heaters and water heaters. The company works with leading manufacturers and top suppliers to ensure that all equipment and parts are original and therefore durable.

United Water & Air is committed to the local community, environment and families and strives to treat customers’ belongings as if they were their own. The company genuinely cares about providing quality service and friendly, personalized service, with honesty and integrity as core values.

This plumber protects the community by protecting their clients’ appliances, pipes, and water heaters from the build-up of hard water, harsh minerals, and iron stains. The team achieves this through intelligent app monitoring and leak detection.

The company respects the environment by providing energy-efficient systems, chemical-free water treatment and a reduction in the use of plastic water bottles. Its products remove harmful contaminants and contain no harsh chemicals.

United Water & Air has a team of qualified and experienced plumbers who can diagnose and solve almost any plumbing problem. The plumbers are licensed and customers can be assured that they are dealing with experts. They’re also well-equipped for jobs of all sizes, from simply sealing a leaking pipe to big jobs like replacing a main line from the street to the house. The company always sends its friendly specialists to evaluate and offer personal and practical solutions as soon as possible, with the team always on standby for any plumbing emergencies.

United Water & Air is locally owned and operated and customers can be assured of personal and friendly service. The plumber’s journey began in 2003 when owner Aaron Putnam went to a local EcoWater water dealer to learn more about the water treatment business. Aaron is passionate about water treatment and has worked with a team of licensed, certified plumbers and water treatment specialists.

United Water & Air is headquartered at 6000 NE 88th St Bldg B Ste. 100, Vancouver, WA, 98665. To schedule a consultation or make other inquiries, call the company at 360-852-7998 or visit their website for more information on their services.

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