United Water & Air is a Trusted Water Treatment and Plumbing Contractor Renown for Quality and Reliable Services in Vancouver, WA


Vancouver, Washington – United Water & Air, a trusted plumber, is proud to announce its world-class services. The company is committed to environmental safety by providing energy-efficient water systems, chemical-free water treatment, and reliable plumbing that help prevent cross-contamination from leaks, burst pipes, spills, and more.

On the home front, the company protects appliances, pipes and water heaters from limescale, harsh mineral buildup and iron stains with its smart app monitoring and leak detection. This helps with early detection, thereby mitigating unnecessary plumbing emergencies.

Some of the plumbing issues handled by the company include replacing burst pipes, repairing or replacing toilets and faucets, clearing smaller clogged pipes, adding hose bibs, and repairing showers and tubs. They also connect new mains from the street to the house and pipe the entire house.

United Water & Air has a team of qualified plumbers who handle plumbing projects of various sizes. They’re fully equipped to scale up just about any plumbing problem, whether it’s a simple leak or a larger job like replacing an off-street main.

In addition, the team strives to provide exemplary workmanship and always strives to leave their clients’ premises in the best condition. The team is also committed to excellent customer service and always prioritizes customer satisfaction. Due to the delicate nature of most plumbing problems, their plumbers always go above and beyond to prevent further losses.

United Water & Air plumbers are licensed experts in diagnosing and repairing all problems in Vancouver residential buildings. They have years of experience replacing faulty plumbing systems, leaking and broken plumbing fixtures, refurbishing broken pipes and dealing with emergencies. Likewise, United Water & Air is fully licensed and insured. Customers can therefore rest assured that they are dealing with experts and their property is protected in the event of damage.

The Vancouver-based plumber always has a team on call to respond to plumbing emergencies like burst pipes, leaks and more. Their specialists are also always ready to help and suggest solutions to any plumbing problem. The company also offers plumbing repair services, which are preceded by a home visit by one of its plumbers who will assess the situation and make a fair offer.

United Water & Air is locally owned and operated with a commitment to providing friendly and personalized service to the Pacific Northwest community. Aaron Putnam, the company owner, started the business out of a passion for clean water, quality products and the need to provide professional services. Putnam has expertise in water treatment and works closely with a team of licensed, certified plumbers and water treatment specialists to deliver exemplary service.

United Water & Air is located at 6000 NE 88th St Bldg B Ste. 100, Vancouver, WA, 98665, USA. To schedule a consultation or make other inquiries, call the plumber at 360-852-7998 or visit their website for more information on their services.

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