This Upcycled Multi-Voltage “Training Kit” Finds a Clever Use for PVC Plumbing Pipes

This Upcycled Multi-Voltage “Training Kit” Finds a Clever Use for PVC Plumbing Pipes

Pseudonymous maker “Tuenhidy” has published a guide to turning a power supply into a handy portable, modular training kit with DIN rail mounts — and a framework built from low-cost PVC plumbing pipe.

“I had one PSU from [a] broken computer case, [an] AcBel CE2 400W,” Tuenhidy explains of the parts which went into his thrifty build. “I assembled a PVC frame with a handle, it contains [the] PSU inside with dimensions L×W×H about 200×165×160mm [around 7.9×6.5×6.3″]. This type of PSU has two openings for ventilation with fan at top and ventilation holes at side,” the maker notes, with the framework keeping these clear.

This compact multi-voltage power supply rig features DIN rail mounts on a low-cost PVC pipework frame. (📷: Tuenhidy)

It’s the framework which really makes the build stand out, in fact. Rather than using an off-the-shelf enclosure, getting messy with metalwork or woodwork, or designing something for 3D printing or laser cutting, Tuenhidy opted for something simpler yet very effective: push-fit PVC pipe, more usually used for plumbing work and available at a very low cost.

A selection of T-pieces and 90-degree fittings are combined with the pipework to build the frame to enclose the PSU, with a carry handle at the top. A piece of acrylic hosts terminal blocks wired to the power supply and an on-off switch, while two other sides hold a DIN rail to mount other devices. 3D-printed adapters allow various devices to be connected for training purposes — from microcontrollers to prototyping boards.

The rig can be expanded vertically by simply adding more pipework underneath. (📷: Tuenhidy)

“For further expansion, I can mount a 24VDC power supply on the rail,” Tuenhidy notes. “All the PVC fittings have openings holes at bottom so I can extend my training kit [vertically]. Just stack more PVC fittings and mount more DIN rails.”

The full write-up is available on Tuenhidy’s Instructables page.