The Best Plumbing Software of 2023



Running a successful plumbing business requires knowing how to use tools properly. That’s not just pipe wrenches, augers, and soldering torches; it also means having the ability to organize staff, projects, and customers with a software tool built for the trades. The best plumbing software can help with all of those facets and more.

Plumbing software helps business owners and management run smoother, more efficient businesses. These programs keep everyone in the loop and ensure customers receive the best service possible while making the lives of office staff and technicians easier. This guide will explain what to look for when shopping for the best plumbing software, as well as highlight some of our top choices.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Jobber
  2. RUNNER-UP: mHelpDesk
  3. BEST RESOURCES: ServiceTitan

The Best Plumbing Software Options


What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Plumbing Software Options

Just as there are some common ways that homeowners ruin their plumbing, jumping into a new software program without any planning is a common mistake in the plumbing industry. A lot goes into choosing the best plumbing software program for a company’s needs. From the different features and functions to how it integrates with the current software suite, it’s important to ensure the chosen program is a good fit. The following are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind.

Function and Features

The best plumbing management software programs have a slew of different features designed to streamline and automate processes. For example, shoppers will want to look for automated workflows that send technicians all the important documentation and information for jobs. Also, being able to schedule and dispatch technicians with plumbing dispatch software is a big boost to efficiency. There is even plumbing estimating software that can help speed up and standardize the estimating process.

It’s also worth shopping for a program that helps manage customer accounts. Plumbing billing software that can keep service contracts straight, maintain customer information, track job history, and send invoices that customers can pay online will streamline the management process and ensure that each customer gets top-of-the-line service.

Mobile App Availability 

Mobile apps are one of the most important features that a plumbing service software program can have. These apps help technicians plan their day, track important data, access job history reports, and much more, all from a mobile device.

Some plumbing scheduling software programs enable companies to see who is available and who is currently on a project. If there’s an emergency call, dispatchers can locate an available technician and have them respond. The technician may even be able to communicate with the customer and offer some plumbing tips before arriving. The customer will appreciate the quick response, and that translates to better customer satisfaction.


Price is a significant factor whenever a business introduces a new software program to its workflow. Regardless of whether the software can help optimize efficiency, it still has to fit the company’s budget.

Many of the best software programs for plumbing and other trades have tiered pricing. Lower tiers may only cost a few dollars each month, while others might cost several hundred dollars, depending on the features. Some versions may have free trials in which the customer can take the software for a test drive to determine whether or not it’s worth the expense for the company. In any case, the company will want to ensure it can afford the version that has the features it needs.

Software Integration Capabilities

Most trade businesses and contractors use a host of software programs to track all of their processes. They might use an email platform for communication, a spreadsheet platform for scheduling, and a program such as QuickBooks for accounting. When choosing a plumbing software program, these companies would do well to find one that integrates with the programs they use most often.

When the plumbing software program integrates smoothly, it can become the hub where almost all processes start and end. Staff and business owners are able to use these programs as a dashboard of sorts, controlling all of the other functions as needed.

Our Top Picks

That’s a lot of information about choosing the best plumbing software program. The following sections will highlight our top picks in software programs to make shopping for one of these programs a cinch.


Why It Made the Cut: Between its affordable tiered pricing, intuitive customer interface, and a slew of other features, Jobber takes our top spot as a standout software option for plumbing businesses.

Plumbing contractors looking for a solution to their scheduling, customer service, invoicing, and reporting needs will want to consider Jobber. This program has almost all of the features the average plumbing company could need. It streamlines scheduling and dispatching, creates invoices and quotes, and helps facilitate online booking, all of which is accessible to the pro with the mobile app. Some users report difficulty editing events through the mobile app; however, the administrator just has to change the app permissions to allow all staff to add and edit the calendar.

Jobber makes interacting with customers easier as well. It has a convenient customer-facing client hub through which customers can book online and contact the company. It also allows plumbers to offer referral programs, send automated thank-you messages, and receive feedback. Integration with Stripe makes it easy for technicians to accept payment in the field. Jobber has tiered pricing that ranges from $9 to $175 per month. However, it also offers a free 14-day trial so plumbers can take their new software for a test drive before committing.


  • Function: Service scheduling and management
  • Features: Client management, scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, reporting, messaging, online booking, client hub, job forms, quoting, marketing
  • Mobile app availability: iOS and Android
  • Price: $9, $35, $85, or $175 per month
  • Software integration capabilities: QuickBooks, Stripe


  • Generous 14-day free trial
  • Standout features include referral programs, thank-you messages, and feedback surveys
  • Convenient customer-facing client hub
  • Seamless integration with Stripe for easy payments


  • Reports of potentially confusing mobile app experience

The Best Plumbing Software Option mHelpDesk


Why It Made the Cut: mHelpDesk enables contractors to track inventory, process online payments, and schedule service calls, and it includes convenient onboarding help for new users.

Plumbing contractors looking for software that tracks not only their service calls and job history, but also inventory at multiple locations, will want to consider mHelpDesk. This software program offers plumbers the ability to manage customers and clients, schedule technicians, provide quotes, facilitate staff communication, and more.

mHelpDesk is capable of integrating with QuickBooks, and the mHelpDesk staff will assist the company through the onboarding process. This process ensures the company can take advantage of everything the software has to offer, and it also helps users identify and deal with some of the bugs the software might have.

This software is also an efficient way to monitor almost everything a company might need. There is GPS-enabled fleet tracking to help choose the best technician for an emergency, as well as inventory tracking across multiple locations. Pricing does vary, so plumbing contractors interested in mHelpDesk will want to contact the company for a custom quote.


  • Function: Service scheduling and management
  • Features: Client management and scheduling, quoting, dispatching, staff communication, GPS fleet tracking, inventory tracking, invoicing
  • Mobile app availability: iOS and Android
  • Price: Custom quote required
  • Software integration capabilities: QuickBooks


  • Live multilocation inventory tracking
  • Comprehensive staff-led onboarding and data transfer
  • Payment processing integrated with mobile app


The Best Plumbing Software Option ServiceTitan


Why It Made the Cut: With ServiceTitan’s library full of calculators, blog posts, and other information, plumbing companies can learn to maximize the software’s features and succeed as a business.

Anytime a new software program is introduced, there will be a learning curve. However, with ServiceTitan, contractors have a library full of resources to learn from. They can read blog posts, watch webinars, listen to podcasts, or take advantage of the many calculators ServiceTitan has to offer to make the most of this software. While customer service can be a little slow to respond, most folks will find their answers in this library.

Beyond the resources, ServiceTitan provides contractors with a convenient client hub through which customers can contact the company, as well as submit and track service requests. There are functions for scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, reporting, and messaging. Contractors even have the ability to pay for “pro” versions of all these features individually, boosting their functionality in the particular areas needed. For pricing, customers will have to contact ServiceTitan to receive a custom quote.


  • Function: Service scheduling and management
  • Features: Client management, scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, reporting, messaging
  • Mobile app availability: iOS and Android
  • Price: Custom quote required
  • Software integration capabilities: QuickBooks


  • Robust library of calculators, blog posts, webinars, and podcasts
  • Convenient customer-facing client hub
  • “Pro” options available for added business-specific functionality


  • Reports of unresponsive customer support

The Best Plumbing Software Option Service Fusion


Why It Made the Cut: Service Fusion’s high-tech mobile app keeps technicians in the know, helping boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

Technicians are the backbone of any good plumbing company, and keeping them up to date and in the know improves their experience. Service Fusion field service software for plumbing can help, with its advanced mobile app full of features. It offers in-app communication with customers, product and service catalogs, estimate calculators and creators, and much more. Ultimately, this leads to better customer satisfaction through better-satisfied technicians—though it does cost more than most other plumbing software services.

Beyond the technicians’ benefits, Service Fusion provides other features. These include the ability to easily set up a customer-facing app, GPS tracking, and a payment platform that is built specifically for service industries. Service Fusion also helps with managing clients, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and much more.


  • Function: Service scheduling and management, fleet tracking
  • Features: Client management, quoting, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, GPS fleet tracking
  • Mobile app availability: iOS and Android
  • Price: $126, $186, or $339 per month
  • Software integration capabilities: QuickBooks


  • Powerful, highly functional mobile app for technicians
  • Integrated ability to easily set up a customer-facing app


  • Relatively high monthly price

The Best Plumbing Software Option Smart Service


Why It Made the Cut: Plumbing companies can make the most of their existing QuickBooks program with the Smart Service add-on.

Smart Service is a QuickBooks add-on that increases the program’s power. With this software, companies that already work with QuickBooks can use it to schedule and dispatch service, making the program more useful than ever before. It tracks customer information and schedules and imports these details to QuickBooks to turn it into a company management hub. For folks who want to learn how to make the most of their Smart Service add-on, there are weekly group software-training sessions as well. The desktop version only works on PCs running Windows, but there is an iOS-compatible version of the app.


  • Function: QuickBooks scheduling add-on
  • Features: Scheduling and dispatching
  • Mobile app availability: iOS and Android
  • Price: Custom quote required
  • Software integration capabilities: QuickBooks


  • Customer information and schedules seamlessly imported to QuickBooks
  • Weekly group software-training sessions available


  • Only compatible with Windows/PC
  • QuickBooks required for use

Our Verdict

We like Jobber as the best overall plumbing software, thanks to its affordable tiered pricing and powerful customer management features. However, for those looking for something to help track everything their business needs to run, including inventory, mHelpDesk might be the right fit.

How We Chose the Best Best Plumbing Software 

We wanted to make sure this list of plumbing software programs could really help plumbing contractors take their businesses to the next level. For that reason, we reflected on contracting and service management needs to come up with the most important features we felt a plumbing software program should offer.

Once we knew what to look for, we performed hours of in-depth research to come up with a list of some of the best programs available. We compared each program’s features and capabilities, as well as their price points and problem areas, to determine which programs offered the best value. Those that didn’t pass our tests were tossed aside, while the programs that did pass were given awards based on their strengths.

Before You Use One of the Best Plumbing Software Options

For new or budding companies, it’s important to pump the brakes before deciding to get a software program designed for plumbing businesses. Small companies that don’t yet have a lot of business may find their money is better spent on marketing in the beginning, or even on simple small plumbing business software like Excel and QuickBooks. Once the customers start pouring in, it may be time to look for a tailored software solution.

Also, it’s important for someone in the office to champion the new program’s implementation. This person will have to work almost exclusively with the software for a few weeks until they understand how it works and what it can do. If losing an employee for a few weeks will be an issue, consider hiring extra help before implementation.

Cost of Using One of the Best Plumbing Software Options

Project management software of all types has at least a monthly fee attached to it. For plumbing, contractors can expect to pay less than $10 to upwards of $200 each month, depending on the program’s features. Some programs might even have free plumbing software versions that the user can try first, but most of the high-level features will require a monthly membership or a lifetime license.

Also, users will want to consider that any add-ons that the software provider might offer will usually cost extra. Some companies allow customers to add items a la carte, while others might only offer features in bundles. These are factors that customers will want to inquire about before purchasing their software.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Plumbing Software Options

The best plumbing software companies help contractors track their customers. These programs can store job history, service contracts, and other helpful data. They can also send automatic payment reminds and thank-yous, keeping money flowing in while showing customer appreciation.

Plumbing contractors who aren’t currently using tracking software for their fleet might see a huge boost in efficiency for their company. These programs help dispatchers locate the best person for the job at that time, cutting down on the response time and resulting in happier customers.

The ability to take customer feedback, receive online payments, and allow for online booking with a mobile app or software will streamline many of the average plumbing contractor’s processes. These programs help companies run more smoothly, quickly, and efficiently.

  • The best software for plumbing can compile and store customer information and job history, as well as send automatic thank-yous and invoice reminders.
  • Managers and dispatchers can track technicians’ locations and activities so they can make better decisions about who to send where.
  • An online platform can allow customers to book appointments, provide feedback, or submit electronic payments and will help the company run more smoothly and efficiently.


That is a ton of information about the best plumbing software, but there might still be some questions floating around. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about plumbing software and how it works.

Q.What is plumbing software?

Plumbing software is a program that helps plumbing professionals streamline their day-to-day business operations. These programs can handle scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and more. In a different vein, the best home design software can help users design plumbing systems in homes.

Q. What are the benefits of plumbing software?

There are a lot of benefits to using plumbing software, but the most significant include streamlined processes such as invoicing, dispatching, and scheduling, as well as automatic invoice reminders.

Q. What are the top plumbing software features?

The top features for plumbing software include customer management, technician management, scheduling, and online payments.

Q. Are plumbing software apps available for Android or iOS?

There are plenty of plumbing software apps available for both the Android and iOS systems, but not all programs have apps and not all apps are available on both platforms.

Q. Can plumbing software integrate with QuickBooks?

Many of the best plumbing software programs can integrate with QuickBooks, but it depends on the individual program. Some might actually work as add-ons, allowing customers to continue using QuickBooks but boosting the program’s power.