Mario Movie’s Plumbing Ad Customer Wasn’t Princess Toadstool After All


The Super Mario Bros. movie is jam-packed with so many Easter eggs that we probably won’t be able to find them all until the movie hits streaming services and we can dissect it frame by frame. However, this week revealed a deep-cut fan they stumbled across before the film even hit theaters. It turns out that the unnamed character who made a cameo appearance in Mario and Luigi’s Plumbing Company commercial wasn’t actually voiced by an actor from the Super Mario Super Show after all.

The plumber commercial was first shown during the Super Bowl to generate more hype for the film’s release. The imaginative marketing was a storm, and those of us who grew up watching Mario were adamant that we recognized the customer’s voice in the commercial. She sounds a lot like Princess Toadstool from Mario’s Super Show, but turns out that was just a coincidence.


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“You found me! I voiced the mystery lady in the SMB Plumbing commercials. Mystery solved,” Jessica DiCicco tweeted. Not Jeanie Elias, who voiced Princess Toadstool. DiCicco shared a clip of her performance on KCAL News where she discussed her role in the Mario movie. Turns out she voiced a few characters in the film, including Mario and Luigi’s mother, one of her cousins, and the yellow toad, who describes her kind as adorable when Peach tells them they need to help Bowser defeat.

All very different voices that just show how talented an actor DiCicco really is. As for why you might think you’ve heard her voice before, the actor has a long list of credits in big plays and shows. She is Adventure Time’s Flame Princess, Final Fantasy 13’s Lumina, and has also used her singing talents in The Sims 4 and Demon Slayer. The actress also revealed that she voiced even more characters than the ones she performed in the Mario movie. Time for another visit to the cinema to see if I can recognize her.

The voice acting for the Mario movie was quite a bone of contention throughout the build leading up to its release. Chris Pratt as Mario felt like an odd choice at first, but now that we’ve all seen the movie everyone seems to agree. Seth Rogen revealed that he made it clear to those who cast him that Donkey Kong would sound like him since he doesn’t do voices, and Jack Black played for Bowser with a British accent, adding that his performance was partly inspired by Darth Vader was inspired.

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