It’s National Plumber’s Day. Watch the Plumbing Olympics 🚽🛀


HOUSTON – April 25th is National Plumbers Day. At John Moore Services, they celebrated our unsung neighborhood heroes by hosting the first-ever Plumbing Olympics. The day put Plumber through his paces. Test all the skills a plumber needs for his job.

Speed. craftsmanship. Agility. Strength. Precision.

“Becoming a plumber takes a lot of dedication. It is a commitment to be a helper and learn the craft in the beginning, and then a lot of study and knowledge comes with it. Testing through the state, different levels as you have matured through the process. So it’s a lot of work to be a plumber,” said Joe Bany, director of field operations at John Moore Services.

So many areas of our lives require the work of plumbers. From keeping fresh and running water where we need it to keeping our toilets flush. “We like to think of them as heroes…the unsung heroes…you don’t know you need a plumber until you need a plumber, do you?” said Bany.

Houston Life’s Melanie Camp with the Sanitary Olympiad Torchbearer. Yes. This is a flask that is set on fire. (Copyright 2023 by KPRC Click2Houston – All rights reserved.)

While gold medals were awarded, the day was more about celebrating all plumbers and having fun.

“It’s fun, but it also shows respect. And we share our skills with different companies to do better work for the customer,” said Don Valentine, owner and CEO of John Moore Services.

As long as we live in houses, the demand for plumbers is guaranteed.

“We have a dwindling number of plumbers, so wages will continue to rise. So it’s a great career path for young people,” Valentine said.

John Moore Services is committed to the industry and building careers for all of their installers. “I started here as a field plumber and worked my way up,” said Bany.

John Moore Services celebrates all plumbers on National Plumbers Day.

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Who Wins Gold? Watch this video below.

1st speed (hacksaw pipe cutting)

2. Agility (simulate the rafters, carry a water heater across the rafters)

3. Strength (operating a duct cable machine)

4. Precision (assemble garbage collection)

5. Craftsmanship (caulking toilet base)

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