Indian Plumbing Association’s (IPA) new initiatives set to premiere during Plumbex 2023


Bangalore (Karnataka) [India]March 16: Plumbing in the recent era is closely related to individual well-being as it involves water and plumbing issues that need to be taken very seriously. Advanced sanitation systems have revolutionized the way we behave. We sat down to learn more about the Indian Plumbing Association’s (IPA) new initiatives Gurmit Singh Arora, National President, Indian Plumbers Association for his insights into the health aspects of plumbing and the goals that a healthy sanitation system must achieve:

What is Plumbex India? How is it different from other sanitary fairs?

Plumber India is an exclusive, free service for IPA members to bring the entire construction industry together on a single online platform to interact and create business opportunities for all. The latest plumbing products, plumbing design services, plumbing installation services and other related services will be showcased for the convenience of construction industry professionals – buyers and end users.

Plumbex India is India’s largest Water, Plumbing and Sanitary Products Exhibition hosted by the Indian Plumbing Association, the umbrella organization of plumbing and water professionals. The Expo serves as a platform to bring together members of the entire Indian plumbing community under one roof. It offers the latest in plumbing design services, plumbing installation services, plumbing products and other related services.

What will be the key new initiatives that IPA will introduce in Plumbex 2023?

The exhibition will have a diverse range of sessions in the symposium planned concurrently with the exhibition, with a focus on ‘Bharat Tap-An Initiative’ and water reclamation in the built environment. The talks are based on water efficient products, innovative sanitation technologies, the role of IoT and AI in water processes and emerging start-ups in this segment.

It will stimulate lively debates on how the real estate industry can recycle wastewater and move towards net zero water waste and how the sector can offer sustainable, energy and water efficient solutions. It will also shed light on the essential components of gender inclusion as society moves towards women’s empowerment, gender pay equity and under-representation.

The Indian government is working on water conservation; How does the Indian Plumbing Association support this?

IPA, through its chapters and members, is always looking for opportunities to contribute to social causes. One such pressing social need is toilets for the underprivileged.

IPA carried out the first such project of construction of toilet block for disadvantaged girls in Rajkiya Adarsh ​​​​Praveshika Sanskrit Vidyalaya Pratap Nagar, Sanganer in Jaipur partially funded by IPA in 2015.

In 2016, a second toilet block was built at a school in Dheeravas near Jaipur with contributions from the IPA and members of the Jaipur Chapter.

The IPA, together with some members of the Bengaluru Chapter, funded and built another toilet block in 2017 for the benefit of the students of the Kammaradi School in the Shimoga district of Karnataka.

Members of the IPA Mumbai chapter erected a toilet block at a school for the underprivileged in Boisar, 120 km from Mumbai, in 2018. This project was completed well ahead of its scheduled date. Support was received from reputable manufacturers of plumbing products, which supplied pipes, tiles, fittings, septic tanks, etc.

The I SAVE WATER Mission was launched in 2019 and the IPA also met Honorable Minister Sh Gajendra Singh ji who was unable to bless us due to previous commitments. This initiative saved 133 million liters of water in its first year by distributing 15,000 aerators FREE to institutional, commercial and residential complexes across India. Our goal is to save 1000 million liters by 2023.

In order to raise public awareness, the IPA, in accordance with Sh. Narendra Modi’s Water Vision @2047, in which he talks about running Water Awareness Festivals to spread awareness about water conservation.

Please give the crowd a simple tip to save water for the future.

Enormous amounts of water are and are being used for sanitation purposes as all of India goes Open Defecation Free. The gray water produced, which generally pollutes our rivers, can be put to good use by being sent to modern sewage treatment plants and treatment plants and purified for irrigation and industrial purposes.