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If you are thinking of doing some projects in or around your home this spring, chances are they will involve electricity.

Fox Plumbing Heating Cooling Electrical wants everyone to know that May is Electrical Safety Month, a crucial period dedicated to raising awareness of the potential dangers associated with the misuse of electrical appliances and appliances.

The Vernon-based company specializes in electrical work – alongside plumbing, heating and cooling – but wants to remind individuals, families, organizations and communities to re-evaluate their relationships with electricity to be safer and more conscious of electricity use support financially .

Although electrical hazards are often underestimated, they can have devastating consequences, including electrocution, burns, or even fire. Everyday devices such as phones, laptops, kitchen appliances and power tools pose potential risks if not handled properly. However, many of these dangers can be prevented with education and following safety practices.

Spring is a popular time for numerous power projects in and around the home, making May the perfect month to ensure everyone around power is safe.

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Fox is currently offering a promo on generator installations, which makes sense considering the weather is ripe for thunderstorms that can knock out power with a bolt of lightning. During a power outage, there is no light, heating or central ventilation in your home. Your fridge, microwave, washing machine, internet and television become unusable. These amenities are taken for granted because we always have them, but what happens when they aren’t? Power outages have become increasingly frequent and problematic in recent years, especially in an increasingly connected world. The power goes out and the generator starts up. As simple as that.

Thinking of adding a little pizzazz to your outdoor life this summer? This often involves installing a warm, or possibly even colorful, lighting system to brighten up the beautiful Okanagan summer nights. Fox can make your vision a reality.

As the past few days have reminded us, it can get a little warm in the Okanagan during the spring and summer months. A ceiling fan can work wonders when it comes to cooling you down as you fall asleep. This is yet another project around the home that requires top-notch electrical work, and Fox will deliver with precision.

Another important electrical buffer is surge protection, especially as more people work from home and more devices are plugged into a building’s outlets. Surge protection is a critical safeguard to protect electronic equipment from power surges or surges typically caused by lightning, power outages, or equipment failure. These sudden surges in voltage can cause serious damage, from losing data to irreparably damaging the internal components of the device.

Likewise, electrical panel safety is of paramount importance to prevent accidents in homes and workplaces. A primary safety measure is to ensure your panel has enough capacity to handle your building’s electrical load. Overloading the system may result in fire or equipment damage. The control panel should always be easily accessible and free from obstructions so that it can be switched off quickly in an emergency. It’s also important to have an updated, clearly labeled control panel detailing which switches control each circuit. This avoids confusion and ensures proper control over individual stream sections.

And if you’re thinking about finally getting that electric vehicle you’ve had your eye on for years, you also need to install a charger in your garage. This is a much more convenient option than going to a compressor and Fox Plumbing Heating Cooling Electrical can install the charger that’s right for you.

In homes, workplaces and public spaces, Electrical Safety Month serves as a reminder that everyone has a critical role to play in maintaining a safe electrical environment. Everyone should commit to making electrical safety a priority in their daily lives – not just this month, but throughout the year.

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