‘E dey sweet my belle as I dey do plumbing work wit my husband’ – Blessing Okorare


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A well-known African proverb says: “Behind every successful man there is a woman who supports him”. This is the story of Blessing Okorare who decided to help her husband Oga Reliance Okorare with his plumbing job.

When the couple get married for 2017, instead siddon the newly wed bride, relax and allow her husband to take care of her, she decides to follow her husband and go to work to help me with the plumbing business.

Although plumbing works primarily for part of the world, Segen does not allow her to stop them when she volunteers to be trained by her husband for this work so that it is suitable for the site.

According to Blessing, the real reason she decides to go to work with her husband is because of the workload, which sometimes doesn’t allow her husband to get home on time.

She adds though her husband doesn’t gree first to say e bin dey reason as he wants to teach her how to be his wife but she persuades me later.

Blessing says that working with her husband has many benefits aside from being able to spend time together and also helps them save money for work. Plus customers are wasting their money and Pipo are praising her when they see how she works.

According to Blessing, she enjoys working a lot with her husband because it gives her the opportunity to spend more time with me and it brings them closer together.

She also said it has allowed them to save money because they no longer hire boys for some of the work they do together.

Anoda thing, wey dey cute, her beauty says clients crush her money and Pipo gives her awards while she works with her husband.

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My husband teaches me plumbing – 26 years old Blessing Okorare

“It’s not easy to teach my wife” – Reliance Okorare

Oga Reliance wey be Blessing Husband tok tell me to teach my wife not easy at all cause when they are husband and wife when they yell for her they say she’s doing no good they say she’s no good again go to work, and for them to keep working We have to pet and beg them.

He said that when he and his wife started working together he didn’t like her as she was always with him.

“My friends say ah, every time we see you we always see your wife, even some of my clients say sometimes they try to leave your wife to do housework while you come and do your work.”

But since they are working together now blessing husband says they are really happy they say they are working with my wife as she brings many ideas for business so they can get more work and money