Celebrate World Plumbing Day with 535 Plumbing


March 11th is World Sanitation Day and we are celebrating with Mark Mizusawa from 535 Plumbing who has joined John Veneri at Living808. Mark introduced the Living808 viewers to NUFLOW.

“In Hawaii we have a lot of houses and apartments that were built decades ago and pipes are breaking or leaking. NUFLOW is an excellent, cheaper alternative to replacing old tubes. It can save your pipes and budget. It basically creates a tube-in-a-tube by relining tubes with an epoxy impregnated liner. This is one of the best ways homeowners can fix leaking pipes without replacing the entire pipe.

It can patch pipe leaks inside and outside the house. NUFLOW has been specializing in this product for a long time. It works with numerous piping materials, it can work with bends in your piping and gaps from corrosion. Using NUFLOW is cheaper, the job is done quickly and will last for many years.”

To learn more or to hire a plumber, visit 535plumbing.com or call (808) 300-0535