B&B Plumbing & Heating Celebrates 25 Years of Business, May 18 Declared ‘B&B Plumbing Day’


SARATOGA SPRINGS — B&B Plumbing and Heating marked a major milestone on Thursday, celebrating its 25th anniversary with a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce.

B&B is a local plumbing, heating and cooling company based in Saratoga Springs. Co-owner BJ Kozlowski stressed the company’s local roots and said it was important to be recognized by the community.

“The whole beginning of B&B was that a local business could serve a local town,” Kozlowski said. “I think we do, and that’s reflected in the people who have shown up today.”

Saratoga Springs Treasury Commissioner Minita Sangvhi was present along with Richard Snyder, Vice President of Communications for the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, and representatives from the offices of Sen. Jim Tedisco and Rep. Carrie Woerner.

Members of the Bill Benton Foundation were also there. Benton was one of the founders of B&B and passed away in 2021. The Bill Benton Foundation is a nonprofit group established in his memory to help artisans with things like tuition, tools, certifications and licenses, according to Benton’s website.

Sangvhi spoke and introduced a proclamation from the city declaring May 18 to be “B&B Plumbers Day”.

“You have a phenomenal crew and you’ve done an incredible job,” said Sanghvi. “That’s really key to our community, the small businesses, the quality services that keep our city and our community going and going. So we appreciate everything you do here.”

B&B was founded in 1998 by Sonny Bonacio and Benton. Kozlowski joined the company in 2012 and is now a co-owner of Bonacio.

“It means a lot to me, a lot for Sonny, a lot for all of our employees,” Kozlowski said. “We worked really hard to get here. … We’ve been through some hardships in recent years but our goal is to stay strong and I think we’re doing pretty well at that. This is a big milestone for us.”

Kozlowski said he started working in the industry at the age of 16 and since then his experiences have “been beyond what I could ever have imagined.”

“Joining a partnership with Sonny and Billy was just an incredible opportunity,” Kozlowski said. “That’s all I’ve ever done, that’s all I ever want to do. I love what I do every day. I think that will help us stay here.”

B&B Plumbing is located at 25 Station Avenue, Unit A in Saratoga Springs.