Baton Rouge Plumbing Company Rebrands To ‘The Cajun Plumber’


Baton Rouge, April 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Baton Rouge, Louisiana –

Cajun Maintenance of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is pleased to announce that they are changing their name to The Cajun Plumber. As a plumbing company, they strive to provide the best plumbing and water heating services to homeowners in the area.

“If you are looking for a team of dedicated professionals to help maintain the integrity of your home through quality plumbing work, contact The Cajun Plumber today,” the company said. “We are at your disposal with a variety of solutions including gas line installation, piping and more. Our highest priority is customer satisfaction and our technicians will take the time to explain your options. When you choose The Cajun Plumber, you can rest easy as we always quote upfront prices and discuss your needs with you to create a customized plan. We do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach because we know that every client is different and their needs and budget are unique and deserve to be respected.”

The company’s experienced plumbing team is able to provide quick solutions to all types of plumbing problems, ensuring that each solution is tailored to the specific needs of their clients and their homes. They offer upfront pricing so customers always know exactly how much they’re paying (and for what). There are no hidden fees here.

For over a decade, the company has been helping homeowners in East Baton Rouge with their plumbing problems. From the beginning, The Cajun Plumber’s goal has been to keep customers happy and to ensure their safety and comfort. Whether the customer requires a deep drain cleaning or some other service, The Cajun Plumber’s trained professionals have the tools and knowledge to get the job done and ensure the problem doesn’t recur in the near future.

When dealing with plumbing problems, the comfort and safety of the family in the home is at risk. The Cajun Plumber is family owned and operated, so they understand the importance of ensuring family safety. Calling a plumber is one way for a resident to protect the health and well-being of their family, and they can count on The Cajun Plumber, a company that has earned the trust of numerous Baton Rouge homeowners with the comfort and safety of their families earned. With its 100% satisfaction guarantee, the company aims to provide quality and durable solutions to all plumbing issues.

The company also understands how urgent sanitation issues can be. They make a point of offering fast and reliable service with minimal (or no) waiting times. They respond quickly to homeowners’ calls, and their commitment to quick service is one of the reasons they won the Best of Home Advisor award a few years ago. Your goal is to minimize the disruption caused by the problem and fix it as quickly as possible so that customers are not bothered for too long. Full service coverage can be found here:

The newly rebranded The Cajun Plumber places a strong emphasis on providing prompt, personal, and honest service, a policy that has produced many loyal customers over the years. Many of these customers have also left excellent feedback from the plumbing company online.

One customer says (prior to the company renaming): “I have had Cajun Maintenance come to my house for various jobs several times over the past few months and they have exceeded expectations every time. They sent Trey and Joey out every time and both were very professional and did a good job. Definitely recommended for gas, water, drain lines and faucet installation.”

Another customer shares, “I had a water leak that another well-known plumbing company couldn’t find. They gave up after three visits and sent me a large bill. I called Cajun Maintenance to get a second opinion using their leak detection service. David arrived at 8am, found the leak and quoted a reasonable price for the repair. We also hired him to do the repairs. He showed up on time for repairs and immediately got to work. We are very pleased with his work and will choose Cajun Maintenance for our future repairs.”

Those interested can read more reviews from The Cajun Plumber at The company also encourages struggling homeowners to seek help with their plumbing work immediately.

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