The Most Reliable Home Appliance Brands, Ranked

The Most Reliable Home Appliance Brands, Ranked

GE is one of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world. The company makes appliances but also a host of other products, including military jet engines, pharmaceutical diagnostic equipment, and plenty of non-appliance consumer products. All told, GE is a tale of three brands. There is the base GE brand that competes in the mainstream space. There is also the GE Profile, which is GE’s upscale appliance lineup, along with Café, its even higher-end, more customizable lineup.

The difference between GE’s product lineups isn’t too different in terms of reliability. GE’s base lineup is fairly average. It ranks near KitchenAid in terms of repair frequency as measured by appliance repair companies like Yale Appliance. However, the GE Profile lineup scores quite a bit better than most of its competitors. The Café lineup is also above average in terms of robustness. Thus, if you spend more money on GE’s more expensive products, there is a higher chance that you won’t see any major issues.

GE’s warranty period is the standard one-year warranty on all of its appliances, no matter how upscale it is. That’s not great compared to others like Ikea, but at least GE is there to help out for the most part if there’s an obvious manufacturing defect. GE’s placement on this list is based on its mainstream lineup because it’s the cheapest and the most available in the entire portfolio. You can do worse, but you can do better, too.