Surge in appliance repairs due to plastic, high-tech


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) – If you are looking to buy a reliable household appliance, a Northwest Side repair tech says your best option is to keep it simple.

Figures reported by Yelp show the number of Americans looking for appliance repair quotes last month was up 58%  from January of 2022.

Paul Rohde owns Northside Appliance Services and says there are several reasons why modern appliances tend to break more often.

“The quality isn’t the same. Everything is made of plastic now. For example, a washing machine that would have metal gears and [a] nice big, strong motor, everything’s plastic…The  thing wears out too quickly. They can’t handle it, like something from 20 years ago,” Rohde sys.

He also said the more high-technology an appliance has, the more likely it is to have problems.

“They’ll have an error code for every little thing. The water is not coming out fast enough…It’s not draining fast enough…An old machine will just work like a workhorse and do what it needs to do, while here, everything senses this, senes that, senses if you sneeze funny, and the things crap out,” Rohde says.

Rohde says the most reliable appliances tend to be the simplest ones that have the fewest high-tech features.

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