I’m an appliance pro – the two common cleaning products NEVER to mix… they create deadly chlorine gas


AN APPLIANCE expert has revealed the two cleaning products you should never mix together in your home. 

Stitching another creator, the appliance pro said a combination of the two ingredients could have deadly consequences. 


An appliance expert has revealed the two cleaning products you should never mix together in your homeCredit: Tiktok/@renduh

Renae shared the information on a TikTok video online. 

She said: “Hi my name is Renae I’m an appliance repair tech.”

Renae said you should never mix together ingredients when you don’t know how they will react. 

She said: “As a general rule you don’t want to mix chemicals together if you don’t know what the reaction between them is going to be not limited to it especially when it comes to cleaning products because a lot of cleaning products when mixed together create a pretty volatile combination.”

The appliance pro said that mixing bleach and vinegar at home is actually very dangerous. 

She said: “Case in point if you mix vinegar and bleach it creates chlorine gas.”

“Some of the side effects of inhaling chlorine gas are coughing ionose irritation, burning the lungs, airway restriction pulmonary edema which means shall lungs filled with fluid and death.”

When it comes to mixing vinegar and fabric softner, Renae said the mixture is pointless.

She said: “There are several other things that you shouldn’t be mixing vinegar with like mixing vinegar into your fabric softener and while that’s not really a dangerous thing necessarily it kind of defeats the entire purpose of using fabric softener.”

“That’s because the way the fabric software actually works is by coating the fibres of your fabrics to make them feel softer.”


“Vinegar l on the other hand is mildly acidic which means that it can also soften your clothes it does so by fluffing up the fibres a little bit and it makes them feel softer but because it’s mildly acidic it’s also really good at getting rid of built up in your clothing.”

In reality you only need one of the two if you wish to keep your clothes soft. 

Renae said: “So if you’re using fabric softener and vinegar together it’s just getting rid of the buildup that you’re putting onto your clothes.”

“You’re just wasting money on fabric softener at that point”

“Vinegar also gets rid of detergent buildup which is why a lot of people will strip their laundry and for those unaware the purpose of laundry stripping is to remove the excess detergent and fabric softener build up from the fibres of your laundry.”

If you are using the correct amount of laundry detergent you should not need to be consistently adding vinegar to your washing. 

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The appliance pro added: “You don’t necessarily need to use vinegar if you’re not using too much detergent or too much fabric softener.”

“In conclusion don’t mix chemicals especially cleaning products together if you don’t know what the reaction is going to be and use less laundry sauce.”