Dryer hack: Appliance repair tech shows how to swap your dryer door to the other side of the machine

Dryer hack: Appliance repair tech shows how to swap your dryer door to the other side of the machine

If you’ve ever been frustrated with your dryer door swinging open one way and not the other, you’ll be pleased to know that many models allow you to change it.

Often dryers come with screw holes on either side of the opening so you can flip them over if needed.

It’s a revelation that’s gone viral on TikTok over the last few years, and now appliance repair technician Jesse Chavez has shown how easy it is for us in a video on his channel.

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Chavez starts the process by removing the dryer door from the machine with a drill.

“Basically you want to flip everything, so the mechanism [for the door hinge] goes from side to side and vice versa,” he said.

On the model Chavez was working on, the holes on the other side were covered with a sticker he’d never seen before, and it’s usually plastic covering the holes

“Now you’re going to your door and you want to go all the way around [while it’s laying flat on a hard surface like a bench] and take off all the screws, take off the hinges… Now we want to fold over the other part of the locking mechanism, take off the inner door and squeeze the locking mechanism clips to get it out and put it on the other side,” he explained.

“Then rotate your door 180 degrees, put it back in place, and start putting everything back together the way it was,” he said.

Hack dryer doorOnce the dryer door is off you need to swap everything to the other side. (TikTok/@jesseisraelchavez)

Once you screw the door back together, place the hinges on the other side.

Chavez reminded his followers that the hinge holes face down because they are now reversed.

“Remember, everything is upside down,” he said.

Now it’s time to put the door back on the dryer. You can hold it in place by putting a screw in the bottom hole of the hinges and the door will hang in place while you drill the other screw in.

Once that’s done, your dryer door will now open in the other direction, which can be useful depending on how your laundry is arranged.

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Hack dryer doorNow the dryer door opens from the other side. (TikTok/@jesseisraelchavez)

However, you should consult your dryer manual before disassembling your dryer and attempting to do this.

CHOICE device expert Ashley Iredale warned that we should consult the manual or the manufacturer before disassembling a device.

The manual will tell you if reversing the dryer door is ok on your model, but even then you may need a reversing kit instead of a screwdriver or drill.

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If your dryer doors can be flipped, it’s worth seeking the advice of an appliance repair technician in case the wiring is involved.

“In general, we don’t recommend bringing a screwdriver to an electrical appliance yourself… One of the things you’re going to have with a tumble dryer is a sensor in the locking mechanism that stops the dryer if the door opens, so you have to be conscious its to keep that if you change it at all,” Ashley explained.

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