Midwife unit at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital moved after leak causes water damage


The midwifery department of an Aberdeen hospital had to relocate after a leak caused water damage.

The department at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital (AMH) has moved into the maternity ward with repairs expected to take six weeks.

However, the birthing pool of the midwifery department could not be relocated and will not be available until the restoration work is completed.

NHS Grampian assured the team will continue to provide “the same high standard of midwife-led care”.

The midwifery department at AMH houses two birthing rooms and two postpartum rooms, where approximately 30 babies are born each month.

“I — and the entire team — take supportive choice during childbirth very seriously, and we are disappointed not to be able to offer a birthing pool at AMH at this time,” said Liz Cheung, assistant chief midwife.

“However, the safety of patients and staff comes first. We work closely with our facility and property colleagues to ensure the necessary repairs can be carried out as quickly as possible.

“Any person approaching their due date and planning to give birth in the midwifery unit should be reassured that the team will continue to provide the same level of care in their temporary home within the maternity ward.”

A tent will be set up in the inner courtyard next to the midwifery department for repairs.

NHS Grampian said this is to ensure dust and debris are contained and that window closures at AMH do not have to be enforced.

Ms. Cheung added, “I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who works at AMH. The whole team has come together to support the midwifery staff and ensure the services run as smoothly as possible.

“I am very grateful to all employees for their commitment so far.”