Webb Co. to discuss Bridge 4/5, LISD internships, Christmas tree

Webb Co. to discuss Bridge 4/5, LISD internships, Christmas tree

The Webb County Commissioners Court will consider topics ranging from a fee agreement for the development of an international bridge in Webb County to the award of a bid for a commercial panel Christmas tree for Webb County during its regular session Monday morning.

Among the topics they will discuss is the completion of a public-private partnership agreement with Winstead PC and J. Cruz & Associates, LLC for the development of an international bridge in Webb County.

Earlier last year, the International Bridge 4/5 was granted approval to enter into negotiations with Southwebb Bridge Company LLC to enter into a public-private partnership for the county’s involvement as a project sponsor, as well as for the financing, design, construction, operations and… Build ownership of the bridge.

The International Bridge 4/5 would be between Rio Bravo and El Cenizo.

In addition, the Commissioner’s Court will enter into a professional services agreement with Ardurra Group, Inc. for design, engineering, surveying, construction contracting assistance and construction administration services for ARPA projects related to waterline extensions for the community of La Presa, La , discussing Presa Community Center, La Presa Water Dispenser and the proposed fire station in an amount not to exceed $2,029,044.

Ardurra Group is an engineering firm providing consulting and engineering services to public and private entities throughout the United States.

An item on the agenda states that the Commissioners Court will consider obtaining a valuation of a building for sale at 1100 Matamoros St. for the county to consider purchasing. The agenda does not specify what use the district would give to this property if it were to be acquired.

In addition, the commissioners will discuss the completion of a month-long partnership agreement between the Laredo Independent School District and Webb County May 30-June 30 to develop and support an internship program for LISD students.

The aim of the partnership is to provide the students with meaningful work experience in the district administration.

“Webb County provides a variety of state services related to the betterment of our community and offers LISD student interns the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience in the county that can prepare them for positions in areas of their chosen degree program,” states the agenda .

The internship program will have no financial cost and Webb County will provide 16 LISD interns with meaningful county government work experience, giving them a real-world perspective of county government work.

The commissioners will also discuss awarding tender 2023-006 “Commercial Panel Christmas Tree for Webb County” to the lowest bidder Downtown Decorations, Inc. for a 46-foot panel Christmas tree with colored LED lights that is a five-year-old Warranty included for an amount not exceeding $63,555.

The commercial-size Christmas tree would be part of the Webb County Courthouse Christmas decorations.