Tree Trimming and Removal Guide for Home Owners BSM Landscaping



Released May 24, 2023

BSM Landscaping and Tree Services, a landscaping and tree care company, has released a new guide to help homeowners and outdoor gardeners take care of the trees on their property and understand proper pruning and removal strategies. This guide also provides helpful information for anyone who is challenged with knowing when to prune or remove their trees and making sure they stay healthy.

Interested parties are invited to view the full guide on their website:

This latest guide from BSM Landscaping and Tree Services provides concise and detailed steps and instructions intended for people who want a healthy outdoor space with trees in the best of health and for others who need it to help them maintain them the trees on your property and understand the proper pruning and removal strategies in the quickest, easiest, and least stressful way possible.

BSM Landscaping and Tree Services states that this accessible, easy-to-follow guide provides all the information needed to understand the subject and achieve the desired results.

The full guide covers the following: Pruning Trees – When and How to Prune Trees Removing Trees – When and How to Safely Remove Trees Choosing the Appropriate Trees for Replanting – Choosing a tree that fits the outdoor landscape

When asked for more information about the guide, why they were creating a pruning and tree removal guide and what they hope to achieve with it, Brandon Merrits, owner of BSM Landscaping and Tree Services said, “We want people to see it understand.” To keep your trees healthy, you need to pay attention and make sure they are pruned, cared for and pruned properly.”

Homeowners and outdoor landscaping enthusiasts and anyone interested in tree trimming and removal are invited to review the guide online:

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