Tree Ordinance – City of Charlotte

Tree Ordinance – City of Charlotte

Originally adopted in 1978 tree ordinance protects trees in public right-of-way and those on private property in relation to development. The ordinance also provides for the planting of trees in new buildings.

The City of Charlotte passed the Tree Ordinance(PDF, 238KB), City Code Chapter 21, can be viewed online. Various interpretations and guidance can also be found for information on sections of the ordinance on the Tree Ordinance Policies page.


  • Land development permitting and rezoning processes

    The Urban Forestry team oversees the protection and planting of all trees on public roads and private property as part of the land development permitting and rezoning processes. City forest specialists on staff conduct plan review/approval and inspection. Click on Land Development Inspections/Project Area Territory Map to view the relevant areas and phone numbers.

  • Tree management and care

    The City Arborist Office oversees the protection, planting, and maintenance of trees on public lands and street trees in the public right of way outside of the land development permitting and rezoning processes. Permission is required for planting or removing trees in the right-of-way. If there is a concern about a street tree in the city, Landscape Management can be contacted at 704.336.4262 for inspection.

Charlotte’s Crown Tree Awards

The Charlotte Tree Advisory Commission, on behalf of the Mayor and City Council, annually presents the Charlotte’s Crown Tree Awards in four different categories. These awards recognize outstanding achievements in the fields of tree protection, tree planting and tree advice. To be eligible, the website must have been completed for one year.

Charlotte Urban Forestry – Tree Planting and Conservation Requirements – Standard Guidance
(updated on 01/26/2022)

For a list in PDF format of standard notes on planting material, planting requirements, supply issues, and tree protection and tree protection for use in land development plans, see “Charlotte Urban Forestry – Tree Planting and Conservation Requirements.”(PDF, 215KB).


Urban Forestry Team

Henry Kunzig, head of municipal forestry

City Arborist’s Office


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