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Charleston Police Officer Brenda Garren poses for Public Works Manager Christopher Scoggins. She’s Charleston’s newest cop.Photo ofCharleston Community

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For now, let’s hope everyone weathered the worst of the weather.

Among other things, Charleston crews are on the road full force to help keep things safe for us.

Keep in mind that if the winds are even stronger, a different storm system is possible. Police Commissioner Johnny Stokes works alongside Public Works Superintendent Christopher Scoggins and Charleston Officer Brenda Garren.Photo ofCharleston Community

Damage assessment:

  • Powerline via Cass near the church.
    • The police have been notified and may be present.
  • Tree Down on State Highway 11 in Riceville.
  • Tree Down on Walker Valley Road.
  • Tree down on Cass.
  • Several trees on advice.
  • Trees near Centerpoint Baptist Church.
  • damage to roofs.
  • Limbs down on Ledford Island.
  • Power lines on Hiwassee Road.
  • Multiple power outages.
    • Crews are working to restore power.
  • spectrum outages.
    • Originally to be restored by 14:30.
    • The restoration work is taking longer than expected.
    • Technicians continue their work. ofAmerican Public Power AssociationAtUnsplash

We ask you to be extra careful when driving.

The crews are working hard to restore our luxuries and necessities.

linemen restore power, tree care; District and city staff are clearing the trees – bush, internet service providers are working alongside many others who will most likely be out all night.

They are separated from their families and working for us, let’s be respectful and careful not to hurt anyone.

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