Readers sound off on Daniel Penny’s charges, naval power and city tree care

Readers sound off on Daniel Penny’s charges, naval power and city tree care

Oak Ridge, NJ: As for Daniel Penny’s attorney, who says his self-report is consistent with his personality and his history of service to his country, let me say this: If he hadn’t turned himself in, he would have been brought in by the police . Spare me this service rubbish. If Penny had any conscience about serving his country, he would still be on duty. Four years is the absolute minimum. Thanks, but you should still serve if you’re such a patriot.

This whole fear for his life thing – dude, you were a bloody Marine. You were scared of a crazy guy on the train? Maybe that’s why you’re out, you couldn’t hold it together in a pinch and you lost your composure. Oh yeah, one more thing: Jordan Neely didn’t touch anyone. You, my friend, laid on hands first, that’s why you’re the aggressor here and initiated the death of Neely – you alone. This is still a free country, as you should know right now as a soldier, and people are free to speak and shout wherever they please.

This is the sad case of a man who should have resigned and kept his cool but didn’t. I feel for you brother, your life is ruined now. But didn’t you feel this poor guy’s life leave his body? You squeezed his throat until he stopped responding. Did you still feel threatened after he stopped moving? What a sad day for Neely’s family and friends. Jim Heimbuch

Milford, Pennsylvania: The MTA is proposing a 15 cent increase in the fare to $2.90 and already passengers are in an uproar. How do you think drivers feel when they cross the Verrazzano Bridge? The fee is $19 and is in support of a service they don’t even use. How “precious” is that? Drivers make a bargain. You should pay what a ride is worth. I’m glad I went. Robert K Greco

Whitestone: Having lived in Queens all my life, I know Tony Avella is the hardest working politician we’ve ever had. I’m glad he’s making a career. Vickie Paladino (“The Councilman’s Fiscal Glass House,” May 22) is a Trumpster whose days in office are happily numbered. Lou Schiro

Suffern, NY: In golf, “blocking” a shot will result in poor results. After Michael Block hit a hole-in-one at the PGA Championship, the meaning could change. Rick Sinclair

Bronx: Mike Stevens warns of threat China poses, suggests our navy may not be strong enough to counter it (“National Maritime Day Means Strong Naval Force,” editorial, May 22). In terms of defense spending, China currently ranks second at $292 billion. Russia is third with $86.4 billion. The US is number 1 with $876.9 billion. That is more than twice as much as Russia and China combined. If our Navy is inadequate, how much of that money is wasted? And if China poses such a threat to us, how come we import so many of its products? The US likes to impose embargoes on other countries. Imagine what China could do if they imposed an embargo on us. Richard Warren

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Bronx: The country is seeing a huge increase in the number of migrants seeking asylum. I sympathize with these people and can only imagine what they were trying to get away from in some of their countries. The US is overburdened and will soon be overpopulated, taking in more people than we can accommodate. Why are so many other states all moving to New York? They come to the United States to seek a better life. Therefore, those who are healthy should help clean up the city they choose to stay in. Sweep the streets, parks, etc. Contributing to the country you hope to be a part of shouldn’t be a problem. There should be no criticism of those who come here willing to help. I think that’s fair, especially given the cost of room, board and food on which we spend so much. Arlana Solomon Girven Walker

Fresh Meadows: Mayor Adams ordered all city agencies, including the Parks Department, to cut their budgets by 4%. Our trees need to be tended and cared for. The forest department needs to fill vacancies for tree cutters. Will these budget cuts succeed? As a lifelong resident of Fresh Meadows, an area with so many trees, I urge the forest department to fight to recover some of their budget. Our trees are an important part of our landscape. Hurricane season is about to begin, as will summer thunderstorm season. The city cannot currently afford to have fewer forest personnel. It cannot do its job properly without a complete pruner. The mayor should cut the bloated salaries of city bureaucrats, not essential services. John Amato

Middle Village: Can you imagine that’s when the term “Miss” was changed to “Ms.”? The overbearing Ron DeSantis would have taken the proverbial blow and attempted to ostracize him. John Puglisi

Bear, Del.: Our elected officials are really lost and wet their beds. They are elected to run the people’s business, not to endanger us through their childish behavior and actions. People need you to stop the nonsense and do what you were elected to do: represent your constituents. Your tenacity to get your job done will impact those of us who need the Social Security check and Medicare benefits that we have contributed to and deserved since we began our work. This is not a privilege you have granted us. This is our money. Let this debt ceiling problem be solved so that we can get on with our lives without interruption. Benjamin Rosario

Rochdale Village: To Speaker Samuel Mark: You are wrong, sir. Meir Kahane was a terrorist. He planted bombs and killed a Jew. In 1972, his Jewish Defense League planted a bomb in the midtown offices of Sol Hurok, the impresario whose crime was sending the Bolshoi Ballet to America, and Hurok’s 27-year-old secretary was killed. Yes, a terrorist who plants bombs. Never forget. Saul Rothenberg

Brooklyn: It may already be too late to remove microplastics from our environment and oceans. We will have a similar dilemma as mercury pollution where fish contain more or less mercury depending on their position in the food chain. The only way forward is through legislation that requires companies to use plant-derived plastic or resort to jars and bottles, which are heavy and fragile. We must stop accommodating large corporations. It is terrible that corporations have done so much damage to our world and continue to lobby against our environment. Another obscenity is the paper towel/toilet paper industry destroying virgin forests so we can flush them down the toilet. The problem is that when it comes to courts and laws, since Citizens United, there’s been the same “companies are people” lie that we heard from Mitt Romney when he ran against Barack Obama. Ed Temple

Howard Beach: To voice actor Laurence Haynes: Bingo! You said one bite (the breakdown of the human family) in just six words. Let me add a few more: the churches have failed us. Schools have let us down. The teachers let us down. The politicians we elect to protect us have failed us. Above all, the parents have left us in the lurch. Take it from this 90-year-old who knows a little bit about human nature: We’re in deep trouble, and may God help us. August Vicari