Growing tree canopy in commercial areas across the city | Department of Commerce

Growing tree canopy in commercial areas across the city | Department of Commerce

We’re excited to be growing the treetops in commercial zones across the city! Trees improve air quality, help fight climate change and protect against extreme summer temperatures. Trees also promote vibrant commercial areas and the economic success of businesses in the neighborhood.

The city is committed to the cultivation, protection and maintenance of our city forest. Philadelphia Parks and Recreation recently announced this Philadelphia Tree To plan, a ten-year roadmap for the city’s growth Tree canopy fair. The first strategic of the city to plan for Trees contains contributions from more than 9,000 residents. The to plan recommends new means of support Tree Care and maintenance to build trust among residents and protect the city’s legacy TreeS. The to plan also recommends ways to close the Tree Canopy Gap by allocating additional resources to low priority areas of the city Tree Canopy.

The Philly Tree Plan is on the move! In the fall of 2022, the Department of Commerce invested $60,000 in streetscape funding to plant trees along three trade corridors identified as high priority by the equity-based prioritization scale created in the Philly Tree Plan and in locations where the Retail has important community partners PHL Corporate Corridor Clean Program.

In a relationship with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, We planted a total of 117 trees in 60th Street in West Philadelphia, 5th & Lehigh at Fairhill and Chester Avenue to the southwest. Trees will be planted along specific blocks within trade corridors with the guidance, insights, and collaborative public efforts of the community-based organizations as listed below:

  • ACHIEVEability and Global Thinking Initiatives, Inc:
  • African Cultural Alliance of North America (ACANA)
  • HACE Community Development Corporation

Check out the newly planted trees in the commercial corridor blocks below:

  • 1-199 South 60th Street
  • 5400-5599 Chester Ave
  • 2600-2999 North 5th Street

Adam Mustafa, local business owner on 60th Street reported that he was excited about the new atmosphere that the trees bring to the trade corridor. Mustafa said he is curious to see what they will look like when they bloom, hoping they will bring enough shade and comfort to the corridor, which in turn can make the shopping experience more enjoyable for customers.

Spring begins this year on March 20th. We are also happy to see the trees in full bloom!

The Department of Commerce and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation are collaborating on a new proactive model for community-based street tree care. The TCB Cleaning Ambassador The scope of work would be expanded to include tree maintenance during reception Training and payment of the additional hours worked. In the last two years, thThe William Penn Foundation also provides financial support for them Overbrook Environmental Education Center (OEEC) Expanding their Philly Green Ambassador (PGA) pilot program. The program enhances the careers of PHL TCB Cleaning Ambassadors by providing concrete skills related to environmental protection.

Many Philadelphians are ready, willing, and able to be a part of the workforce that will grow and support the city’s forest. Stay tuned for updates!