Downed tree damages homes in Kingsford; St. Vincent’s Tree Service springs into action


KINGSFORD, Mich. (WZMQ) – In Dickinson County, a fallen tree wreaked havoc on the roofs of 2 homes in Kingsford, prompting an urgent response from St. Vincent’s Tree Service. Upon arrival, the team discovered signs of tree rot, indicating the potential need to remove another tree for safety. The tree service expressed optimism that insurance would cover the homeowners’ losses.

Chris St. Vincent, owner of the tree service, explained their approach to tackling the situation: 

“Well, we’re just gonna start liming it from the bottom cut it back and strip all the limbs off then I can just chunk it as firewood chunks till I get up there we’re just going to have to take little pieces all the way up so we’re going to get up on the roof and just cut it off the roof and throw it off, it shouldn’t be too bad here.”

Concerns arose about the condition of another tree on the property, with St. Vincent noting, “It’ll probably take us depending on if she wants. I’m sure this other tree is going to have to come down now, because this one’s going to come over too now, so yeah we’ll probably be back.”

St. Vincent reassured, “Oh, I’m sure I’m sure yeah insurance will pay for it,” regarding the homeowners’ coverage.

There were no injuries from the incident, and while one homeowner admitted she’ll have to pay a deductible, she counts her blessings as things could have been much worse. Cheryl Mosher recounted the close call, stating, “I have a drop ceiling in my bathroom, if that had gone all the way down, it would have got my son. Because his bedroom is right across from the bathroom.”

Regarding the cleanup process, St. Vincent estimated, “It’ll probably take us 3-4 hours to get it off the roof.”

Reflecting on tree safety, St. Vincent emphasized, “No, we’re not going to have to climb this one here. We’ll just get it off the deck, and then we’ll have to get up on the roof and just do it that way, just cut it off the roof.”

Highlighting the importance of seasonal tree inspections, St. Vincent advised that summer is the best time to have trees inspected.

Once the immediate crisis is resolved, St. Vincent’s Tree Service plans to undertake a project at Iron Mountain Cemetery, removing approximately 20-30 trees to make room for new plantings.

The operation near Westwood Market involved additional crew members, including Dominic Rossato and Jacob Miller.

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