City OKs street rehab | Burnet Bulletin

City OKs street rehab | Burnet Bulletin

Burnet City Council recently approved funding to support a road rehabilitation program to be completed over the next three years.

The council authorized City Manager David Vaughn to implement the program at an estimated total cost of approximately $6 million through 2026.

“We know we have to make it happen,” city engineer Eric Belaj told the council during the March 14 meeting.

Weeks before the meeting, the roads committee selected several roads for the program based on their condition, location, and traffic volume.

Work will likely begin on roads that are “relatively easy to complete,” Belaj said.

“We have to start somewhere,” he added.

The list of streets cited for rehabilitation includes Bluebonnet, East League, Elm, Fort Croghan, Harvey, Lewis, Northington, North Main, North Wood, Pierce, Post Mount at the cemetery entrance, Surecast, West and White.

Proceeds from bonds will fund most of the redevelopment, the city officials said.

During the meeting, the council also agreed to transfer more than $1.1 million from the Burnet Economic Development Corporation to the city to redevelop the former Bealls retail building at 118 East Polk Street.

A few months ago, council members considered the building as the site for a new town hall. However, the council recently decided that the building would be better suited for a new commercial use to be identified and supported by BEDC.

In addition, the council authorized city officials to develop an ordinance to protect golf course vegetation buffers. Potentially, the ordinance would require any builder to obtain council approval before being allowed to remove trees near the Delaware Springs Course.

At the request of Mayor Crista Goble Bromley, the council appointed former Mayor Gary Wideman to the Comprehensive Plan Committee.

Due to term restrictions, Bromley will leave the council in May this year. During the upcoming May 6 election, Wideman is running as a unanimous candidate for mayor. His return to the Council is assured after the May 6 election.

During his report, Chief Brian Lee told the council Sgt. Jeremy Stewart will be promoted to lieutenant on April 1st.

On other matters, the council approved several changes to the current budget, including: A $580,000 increase to purchase a new fire truck. Most of the funding comes from the city’s Capital Equipment Reserve Account and $130,000 from Burnet County Emergency Services District No. 7.

An increase of more than $120,000 for the airport paving project to be covered by the airport fund reserves.

A $73,000 match towards the purchase of four new police department vehicles to be funded from the department’s bank balance.

A $65,000 raise to upgrade the police firing range. Nearly 50% of the funding comes from the National Opioid Legislative Comparison and the remainder from the Department’s fund balance.

An increase of more than $12,000 to cover costs incurred in extending a preliminary fixed-base operator contract with Crosby Flying Services LLC through late last year. To be covered by the sale of aviation and jet fuel and by rental income.

A raise of more than $9,000 for the addition of a full-time food and beverage position at the city-owned Delaware Springs Golf Course, to be funded by increased on-course snack bar sales.